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Complaints & Reviews

I do NOT recommend this company

I do NOT recommend this company! I bought a Trident Case Aegis series for my daughter's Galaxy Tab 7.0. The item that was sent to me did NOT fit the tablet. I bought the item on November 7th, and it was put up as a Christmas gift. Whan my daughter opened her tablet & the case, the case did not fit. I asked for a refund, or for HandHeldItems to replace the item, and my claim was denied because it had been more than 45 days since the item was purchased. The item was was bought AND GIVEN, as a Christmas gift, therefore I believe they should have an extended Christmas return policy. Most other companies do! The item was never opened until December 25th. This company sold me a product that was NOT what it was supposed to be. I purchased a Trident case for a Samsung Galaxy tablet 7.0, and it did NOT fit the tablet, which is what this company claims the item is made for! In an email, HandHeldItems said to me, and I quote: "At HandHeldItems, we believe only in our customer being fully satisfied". I am not fully satisfied, or even slightly satisfied, and yet, they will not fix a problem that was caused by THEM. I may not be getting a refund, or even a replacement, but I certainly will leave as much negative feedback as possible about this company, and how it will not stand behind the products it sells, everywhere online that I possibly can. I will NEVER again make another purchase from HandHeldItems, and I am confident in knowing that none of my friends or family will either!

  • La
    laura cooper Nov 14, 2013

    I order 2 hi-sensitivity extendable sketch htc marvel/wild s stylus pen and they don't work but there turn policy is so hard. I will not order from this company again. Laura Cooper I [email protected]

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Don't buy from this thieves

"There's an old saying: "You buy cheap, you buy twice." I should have listened to that saying. Handhelduselessitems is a con artist based junk dealer. I ordered and paid for 3 iphone cases. Product arrived in 1 week, with only one case inside. Sent and email to their "contact me" page. I did receive a very timely email in return, stating the EXACT WEIGHT of the package of 0.5854 lbs, and that that EXACT weight should correspond to 3 cases.

The email went on to ask if the package was damaged, because then I have to go after to post office! These lousy "people" are fighting me on 2 el-cheapo $8 iphone cases!?!

If they would like, I will burn $16 in my firepit...its not the money, I want the quantity that ordered and paid for, and they are basically hinting around that I am trying to rip them off!


I will never be ordering from here again

I ordered bedding worth $165. After about 5 days i looked up my order id to see how far along my order was...come to find out the "seller canceled". When i called to find out what happened, they said that it had come from a different warehouse and that it must have been out of stock. She said it would take about 3 days to get my refund back. I'm nervous i wont get my money back, or even worse..possible charges to my account that i didn't make! Idk about this handhelditems.com..seems pretty shady. I will never be ordering from here again.

Airsoft rifle worked for only a few hours and then stopped working

I’m very disappointed. I bought an airsoft rifle from them. It worked for only a few hours and then stopped working. It took many emails and phone calls to get the correct authorization to have it sent for repairs (they wanted to fix it instead of replacing it). I had to pay the shipping ($21). The repair service had it for over a month and finally repaired it and sent it back after more calls and emails. Guess what. It didn’t work. Not even once. Right out of the box from the repair service. Nothing. Still broken.

After more calls and emails to Handheld, they agree to refund my money. I had to pay to ship it back (another $21). They said they would refund the cost of the gun only, and not my original shipping. I explained that with their logic, I will have paid $62.95 total for shipping on a $104 gun that didn't work for an afternoon. And that it took roughly 60 days to get to that point, and that it didn't seem fair either. They said “we do need to wait for the package to arrive at our warehouse before I can make any promises.” Guess what? They did not cover any shipping costs.

Their email back to me also stated “once the package shows delivery and has been signed for we will credit your account immediately.” Well, that didn’t happen. I started making calls to them the next week and was told they would take care of it. After several calls and two weeks later, they finally told me they would not refund my money. I showed them the emails from their company saying they would. In the end, they sent another gun. They even wanted me to pay the shipping for it!!! (they ended up paying the shipping). Thankfully, it has worked so far.

Everyone I spoke with was very nice and polite. The problem was they never did what they said they’d do. Very poor customer service with this company. So, you be the judge. Who lost here? I (actually my 13 year old son) spent $62.95 for 90 days of poor service and nothing to play with. Hopefully it will keep working and he’ll have a fun toy. I’d spend my money somewhere else if I was you!!

awful company

COMPLETE ###S! LIED and said my items were shipped, a week and half went by (i had paid for expeditied shipping) and nothing. I called, and they said USPS made an error in the provided tracking number. Then I get an email saying the items are backordered. I called and some witch refuses to refund me for the order. Then she gets catty and tells me to dispute the charge on my card and hangs up. WHAT THE HELL!!! Bad business, read other reviews online. This company is staffed by ###s and liars.

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misshipment and refusal to issue refund

I sure wish I had read this site before buying from these people. I ordered two items for my Zune from them...

Credit card fraud

Hi I made a purchase from handhelditems.com they accepted my order and process the payment. I after the...

This company SUCKS

I ordered a king-sized quit from this company 3 weeks ago. I was told I would rec'v it in 3 days shipping time. When i didn't rec'v, i called and was told they rec'd the item, but it was damaged so they had to re-order and send immediately. Another week - still no quilt. I called back and was told they accidentally shipped it to the wrong address? WHAT the? That's a crock! They never had it. My account was charged $107+ immediately and 2 weeks later I had no quilt. I called again to cancel the order and have paypal credited. I was told it would be done ASAP...another week and no credit. I have submitted a paypal claim for this rip-off company. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM...THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T GIVE YOU YOUR ORDER!!!

Rip off

This company is a rip-off if ever I seen one. They tell you they mail your item when in fact they contact the post office by e-mail but never process your order. They will not answer the phone or e-mails. I have the better business burea looking into this scam at present. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR MONEY STOLEN.

Bad service

STAY AWAY FROM THIS MERCHANT. VERY UNRELIABLE!!! Purchased (1) G1 Rubberized Shield Case and (1) G1 Horizontal Leather Case on Dec. 29th. My credit card has already been charged, their website is showing shipped but USPS website is only showing "Electronic Shipping Info Received", meaning they even haven't started processing my order. Spoke to this guy once who work for handhelditems to cancel my order and was told that he can't do it and my order is in processing stage (what processing stage????) and the only way to get a credit back is not to accept the package and to send it back to sender and only then can they give a credit back to me (another 2 months I suppose). Oh by the way, I forgot to mentioned that I'm only 8 miles away from this merchant. I don't think they even have inventory at their location. "DO NOT ACCEPT BUSINESS IF YOU CAN'T DELIVER.

  • An
    Anopheles Jan 25, 2009

    This company is an internet scam. DON'T BECOME THE NEXT SUCKER!

    I ordered a MP3 cable on Jan.5. They didn't ship the order until I complained numerous times. Today, I got the shipment, but it is NOT what I ordered!

    How can a company live by cheating? They probably believe there are enough inocent people out there for sucking in their tricks. Hope my message can be useful.

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  • Mo
    mom07 Jan 27, 2009

    Bought merchandise on Dec 30 with 3-5 days shipping (extra money) It's now Jan 27 and I have still not received my merchandise. I tried to contact the business with the number provided and it states mailbox is full. I have sent email after email and no response. They provided me with a tracking number for my package but the USPS site says Electronic shipping received. I would stay away from this site. I am stuck with a 30.00 charge and no product.

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  • Ts
    T. Smith Apr 04, 2009

    Thank you for posting these complaints. I have only recently started checking complaints on merchants before I purchase orders online. Everyone should do it. I was about to order from this company, and now because of the written complaints, I will be checking other sites. Again, thanks for saving me another headache with dealing with another corrupt and/or incompetent vendor. Hopefully these complaint sites will show the vendors they can no longer take advantage of the everyday consumer.

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  • Un
    Unhappy_Consumer Dec 10, 2009

    I purchased an iPhone battery backup case. Item arrived ok, but the product itself sucks. So I wrote a legitimately negative review on their website on this item. What did they do? They DELETED it! Twice! Talk about unethical. Seems they have a practice of deleting all the negative reviews from their product pages so that innocent consumers are tricked into thinking their products are great. The positive reviews are probably written by them and people who are in denial of their purchase. Also, I feel sorry for the consumer who buys a product from them and finds out that the product is designed so badly and a$$ backwards. They should legally have to put in their description some functionality that is lost due to using their product.

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  • As
    Ashleigh S Nov 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HandHelditems.com is the WORST Company I have ever dealt with.
    Bad business ethic really gets under my skin.
    I cannot stand when companies are trying to rob us. Do you think I am just going to sit around and let you steal my money HandHelditems.com? I mean really!?
    Partially this is my fault as I should have read all the bad reviews before I even attempted to purchase from these people.

    And so it all begins.. Cats have fleas, cats come in, dogs get fleas.. couches beds and even company get fleas.. Boo! I know. I go online to shop for Frontline spray because I am cheap and the spray lasts longer. HandHelsitems comes up in my search as the best priced IN STOCK place to purchase from. I go through the process of checkout, use my paypal account and send them $41.10 for a 250 ml spray bottle of Frontline. I get my account information and the ORDER PROCESSED information.

    Well, yesterday at about 6:00p.m. approximately 32 hours after my order was "processed" I get an email saying that the Frontline was out of stock and discontinued and I would be refunded. First off it should not take this long to let me know that the item is not in stock. Second, I had not received a refund.. No refund! So I contact them through there little contact page and let them know how displeased I am with the way this was handled and I would like my refund immediately so that I can purchase the Frontline from a company with some business ethic. I am not a rich woman, I do not have $100 to put out on some flea spray at one time (ya dig!)

    I get a reply that my money would be refunded TODAY. (Today being yesterday November 17th.)
    I can provide that email by forward if anyone is interested in seeing that proof! Well, I wake up this morning and guess what?? NO REFUND! So I call and send numerous email trying to figure out why. I am assured that I will get a refund today. The accountant is not in but when she gets in they will refund my money through paypal. (Mind you please that there is a little button that says issue refund that you use to issue a refund with paypal, hard? I think not!)
    Ok, that is fine. I just really need my money back so I can order Frontline please. I am assured again that it will be refunded today. By 2:00 p.m. no refund.
    I call back speak with a lady this time. I am slightly irate at this point because these people are giving me the runaround about my money..
    She says that paypal is holding my money and they have refunded it.

    Call paypal.. NO they have not attempted to refund my money so I call back and speak with the same guy I spoke with this morning. He says some mumbo jumbo about his accountant being sick and that he has 7 days to refund my money. I reminded him of the email I got last night that said it would be refunded then and also when I spoke with him this morning he said it would be refunded today. Obviously I will get my money back through paypal but why do they want my money for 7 days? It seems like if you know you cannot keep it you would just give it back and not cause me such a dang headache. I have had to open a dispute through Paypal to get my money back. I would like to sue them for bad business even though it is only $41.10!
    My advice to you my friends is steer clear of HandHelditems.com.

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  • An
    Anonnnnn Jan 08, 2011

    The first time I used this company I purchased two iphone cables and got one. Sent and email and they sent me another one. So I gave them another try this past Christmas. Ordered a clear "case" for my sons phone. Turns out it was a bumber even though the description said "case" and the picture looked like a case. The first customer service rep asked me to send a picture of the product and they would send me a case. Sent the picture and got a reply from another CSR that I got what I ordered and he pointed me to a page full of cases. No mention of returning the bumber or crediting my account. I've sent several emails since then with no reply. Absolutely horrable customer service. Stay away!

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