Hampton Library Queen bed, Danbury F-Lamp Scallop ShadeAbsolutely terrible service, poor quality products, rude, lazy employees


This is the complaint letter that I sent to the company:

My family and I’ve been living in New Zealand for 15 years now, and we’ve bought so much over the years but this is the first time that I’ve bought at such an irresponsible and lazy company. I think that the service that this store has provided me with is absolutely terrible, and I’m surprised that customers actually come to buy from this company. We are so busy right now, but because of the appalling salespeople that your company has employed I will let you know that valuable time and petrol of mine has been wasted.

My family and I are moving to a new house next week, and so I recently bought some furniture from the Botany Downs store. I paid $1338 in cash. One of the pieces of furniture I bought was a Queen size bed, and the money that I paid to the Botany Downs store included the delivery fee and the price for the bed to be set up in our new home. In this case, the man who was supposed to set it up is called Bob, and Bob told us that he would put the bed up for us when he delivered it to the house. But when we next visited, the pieces of the bed were there but they were not set up. I rang Bob and asked why he hadn’t set up the bed, and he said that it was because the store hadn’t given him any screws. And so I called the store and asked why they had not given them to Bob, and they told me that it was Bob’s fault because the bed had to be slotted together and so didn’t need any screws.
But what I can’t understand is, why hadn’t the store told Bob that he didn’t need screws to put the bed together? And I didn’t pay Bob for the work that he does, I paid Early Settlers, so they should’ve told Bob what he had to do. Bob was also frustrated – he told us that he wasn’t happy working for Early Settlers because of the low pay and the amount of work that he has to do to get paid.
The store said that the bed will be made by Saturday afternoon, but when Bob rang me on Saturday morning to say that he had to change the time to Monday I was so angry that I rang the store to ask what was happening. A person named Ian got the phone. But what I got in reply from him was what I had least expected – he told me that they had nothing to do with our problems so we had to talk to Bob about it, and hung up. When I rang him again, he didn’t pick up the phone. I was so angry that I went out to the store while I was packing, therefore wasting more time when I could’ve been doing something else. But the employees there were absolutely appalling. Ian repeated what he had said to me on the phone, and also said that he would give me back the $25 delivery/set up fee so I can set the bed up myself. Another employee called Andrea said that they wouldn’t have anything to do with our problems and so we could sleep on a mattress until the bed got fixed.
I really have absolutely no idea why the company pays employers like these. I personally think that using Ian and Andrea as salespeople is the same thing as wanting the company to fail. The reason why Bob had told us that he would come to make the bed on Saturday afternoon was also because we had rung the Auckland Early Settlers head office [protected]), not because Bob felt that he should fix the bed himself. But he rang us on the day to change the time again, to Monday. He also keeps ringing us, saying that he will come and fix the bed for us in 30 minutes. If I was living in the new house, then that’s fine, but we are not, and it takes 40 minutes to get to the new house from where we’re living now. And he always rings us at a time when we can’t go, like when we’ve got appointments or when I have to pick up my children from school. But Bob keeps saying that if he can’t come at that time, he can’t make it for us. I told the store from the beginning that the time always needs to be flexible with the delivery man, and the people there said yes. If I had known that problems like these would’ve occurred, of course I wouldn’t have bought from your company.

I will give you exact details of what I had purchased:
Hampton Library Queen Bed ($520)
Denver Bookcase w Storage ($379)
Meadows Bookcase ($349)

I also bought a Danbury F-Lamp Scallop Shade ($99) on the 27th of June. I paid everything by cash and Eftpos.
There’s even more to add, with the lamp. When I screwed in the new light bulb and switched it on, all of the lights in our house were suddenly switched off. I contacted the electrician, and when he came to check he said that the Residual Current Device (RCD) was switched off because the Earth inside the lamp was made poorly. He said that this will happen if you plug in the lamp to any house with an RCD. So now I have to go to the store again because of the faulty lamp. Look at everything this has cost us – time, petrol, the fee for the electrician. Did you even know that you were selling lamps of poor quality? Don’t you test anything before you sell your goods? I am going to send this letter to the head of your company, make sure that the head knows what is happening to Early Settlers furniture.

The Botany Downs Early Settlers furniture store has extremely rude and unfriendly employees, and I’m very disappointed in their poor service. If I buy products at Harvey Norman, they can give me 30 months interest free, with free delivery fees and are very kind with excellent service. So why can’t Early Settlers be the same? Aren’t workers nowadays supposed to be better to customers because of the bad economy? I would like all of my lost time and petrol and stress to be repaid, as well as a formal apology letter from the company. If this does not happen I will post everything that has happened to all complaint sites that I can find, and I will even take this to my lawyer if that’s what it takes, not to mention telling all people that I meet of your company’s service and how they have treated me. Find a solution to all of these problems as soon as possible, or I have no idea how many customers you will lose in the future.

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