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Hi I called and asked the quote for some items to be picked up I sent pictures of the items and also asked do they pick up dishes vases etc. The items were 6 chairs a dinning room table a loveseat dishes and vases The said the dishes had to be in a box. They said the price was $149 in which I agreed and they gave me the day and time they would be over Well they came over and looked at the loveseat and said it had dog hairs on it Really it was in perfect condition and how it could have dog hair on a leather loveseat I have bought numorous items at the habitat in Bellingham Wash & have seen couches that had quit a few snags in the material dishes that have chips & other items tht were not in aone condition but were still saleable the dishes & vases that were being donated were also boxed with tissue on some but not all. The 2 men that came looked at everything and said they would not take the dinning room table as it was warped and the chairs were to damaged okay I don;t have a problem with that but when I said would they take a chair & tv cabinate in which they replied that they don't take tv cabinates and no way would they take the chair which I would say was in perfect condition as they only took the love seat in which it took at tops 15 minutes to remove I asked would they help to take out the couch for me no way they said. Well I feel ripped off for $149 dollars. I recieved a call from a higher up for the company and he was very condecending to me on the phone more or less I was out of luck as they did come in and take out one item I am thoughly disgusted in the service and feel they are only in it for the money not to help you with getting rid of items you do not need anymore. That could go to a family of need. Thank-You


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    DonnaKoziol Oct 22, 2019

    What if the habitat picks up more than the furniture you informed them to take

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