H & H PropertiesScam and cheating


H & H Properties is a BAD Company to rent from. They are not truthful people. I was living at Sage Crest Apartments in Meridian, Idaho. The four plex was forclosed on. The bank offered me money to move out in two weeks. The Manager of the Sage Crest Apartment/ H & H Properties - 'Shirley' told me that I would get the money from the bank plus H & H Properties had to give me my Security Deposit back. Once I moved out the Head Manager of H & H Properties said no that they gave the Bank back my Security Deposit. Which is a total lie.

I called the Manager of H & H Properties and he said he didn't care what one of his employees told me I wasn't getting any money back. I told him that he needs to train his employees the rules. He was very rude and a smart a**.

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