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I'm glad to see that public complaints have finally been made about Unfortunately it's free to join but that doesn't stop trailer trash with pocket change for joining gymborebel plus or whatever it's called. Stirring up drama is a favorite past time for a lot of those ignorant so called, women. And it's easy to tell from their upbringing, their parents did a horrible job. Most know that its wrong to make fun of a person's job especially when parents take jobs they don't like in order to provide for their families. There are a lot of know it alls in that group that spend an awful lot of time talking crap about people with situations they know little to nothing about.

One of the owners of the lower class site resides in AL which explains why she allows various forms harassment and garbage to go on. I have to agree, the attitudes of the mods clearly shows that they actually support racism whereas other online groups are properly monitored and controlled so that members are not attacked.


  • Re
    rebel Dec 19, 2007

    This person is spewing her ignorance all over the internet and it's quite humorous. Get a life and move on!

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  • Ty
    Typical Rebel Dec 19, 2007

    Get a grip you whack-a-doo. Stop stalking all of us! You are not the brightest light in the Christmas tree are you? No one there is racist, anti-weirdos yes, racist, no. If you weren't welcome there it had nothing to do with your skin color (no one knew or cared about your skin color, it is a non-issue in a board with multiple ethnicities) and it had everything to do with the fact you are a complete and total mental case. Go get some help weirdo.

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  • Re
    rebel Dec 19, 2007

    I see I'm not the only one who thinks you're a nut. Go play with your dressed up puppies.

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  • Hu
    HumouredRebel Dec 19, 2007

    LOL Sour grapes. You don't like us, but you still come back for more, don't you?

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  • Or
    Original Rebel Dec 19, 2007

    You have a true problem. Really, seriously, a true problem. You need help--you are completely ridiculous. Do something useful with your time--this is beyond mental illness. You waste so much of your time and others time... please do something with yourself!

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  • Im
    I miss Gymboreefan Dec 19, 2007

    Gymboreefan, I really miss you and your purple posts! I'm not sure why you are so angry, or why you left rebel in the first place? Did I miss something? Will you please come back to rebel?

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  • Cr
    Crystal Aug 07, 2008

    LMAO! OBVIOUSLY YOU so called people are the only ones spewing your ignorance all over the internet. I actually find your stupidity entertaining. If you had a life and were able to move on, you wouldn't have posted this garbage in reponse to her post or the post of others about white trash like yourself!

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  • An
    AnotherRebel Aug 08, 2008

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black...if rebel, typical rebel, humourrebel and original rebel had an ounce of common sense, they'd know that they're the ones doing the stalking and showing their stupidity all over the net! I would suggest for you to get some help but you're OBVIOUSLY so far gone, there's not enough prozac or any other mental med that could ever help you. From the posts in the forums, she never did a damn thing to either one of you. YOU began giving her shyt over something that you were NEVER a part of. YOU were the ones that googled her account and made shyt up. Even someone else made a post asking why you were being mean to her. Googling someone's account clearly shows that you have no life but of course, you're way too stupid to figure that out.

    Typical rebel, you're such a loony loser in life I don't know where to begin. But I'm certainly not the only one that pmed your target to inform her of how ridiculous you and your gang were being. If you truly belileved your target was mentally ill, you'd back off. But then again, stupid people such as yourself do all kinds of stupid things. No wonder your kind (as in white mentally disturbed) go on shooting sprees at malls and such. Come to think of it, a mental case on a shooting spree would do the world a favor if he'd just annilate every one of your worthless a$$ew$. :-)

    And for the record, racists pigs like yourself do pollute gymborebel. If it wasn't true, you wouldn't have gotten your panties in a bunch when a post was made about trigger happy cops. You always get your panties in a bunch whenever racism is mentioned because you're guilty of being racist yourself. Anytime a white person turns a blind eye to the shyt you pull yet has a lot to say when a person of color refuses to take your crap, that IS racism!!! Its only natural for your type to deny your wrong doings. God help your children and hope they don't turn out to be anything like you ridiculous execuses of humans. Start looking at your own lives-in your cases lack thereof-before you start casting judgement on others. If you had lives, you wouldn't be so obsessed with someone who knows you're just low lives. Moreover, if you had lives, you'd find other things to do besides spending so much time targeting others in Gymborebel. I'd suggest for you to think about that but obviously your brain cells don't even function.

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  • Pa
    PAR Aug 11, 2008

    It looks to me like the responses to the OP are all from the same person. You certainly did a poor job of trying to cover your tracks. You KNOW what you did was wrong which explains why you were too spineless to stick with your user name. So apparently, it's YOU that's coming back for more. You certainly have severe psychological problems to start shyt with someone that's never done anything to you and then whine when you're exposed. Anyone that's dumb enough to make fun of a person's job and pull all the shyt you did to that person deserves every rotten thing that happens to them. Amanda Shroads should know about that since she wanted to pick a fight with a pregnant woman online. Instead, Amanda wound up losing her own baby as a result!!!Fat a$$ bean tried to talk ### and wound up with lumps in her utter and suffering more than ever financially. I would say to keep those things in mind the next time you're talking shyt and starting crap with others but then, you don't have much of a mind at all!

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  • No
    Not the same rebel Aug 25, 2008

    Deeeeep breaths. It's a message board. If you hate it so much, just walk away! Focus your energy on something else worthwhile.

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  • A lot of rebels are nice but there are those few who LOVE drama. They cat fight about everything from religion to clothing. Its really pathetic that the worst of them get away with it and the mods seem to egg it on and let it go. Sad...

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