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Zhenyu Street № 358, Changchun High-technology Industrial Development Area, ChangChun City, 130012, JiLin Province, China

Guy4Game Complaints & Reviews

Guy4game / Horrible service

Oct 30, 2017

I don't trust them anymore. They didn't deliver my purchase and I asked for a refund. Which was never received either. I called many times. No answer. I wrote numerous emails. No answer. If it's not an obvious scam, then what is it? I have been waiting for my money for two weeks and I think...

Guy4game / Support

Oct 24, 2016

I must say that Guy4Game has the worst support you can ever imagine. These guys are completely useless, unprofessional, rude and ignorant! I will never deal with them again and would not recommend Guy4Game to anyone, better stay away. Bought some gold and never received it and when I... / Affiliate Scam

Feb 17, 2013

i joined affiliate program because i read on their website "We pay $0.01 per unique IP click even no sales". after i reached the payout limit, their affiliate manager told to me "Goodbye", because the traffic that i drove to their site generated no sales. this is ridiculous. absolutely unserious company.

Guy4game / pure scamming

Aug 17, 2012

i heard the complaints, and the supposed hacking and keylogging that goes on when most players buy gold, but wanted to try buying gold for wow anyway, so, as an experiment, i bought gold on a second account, removed my authenticator, and used the username and password of that wow account...

Guy4game / No delivery

May 26, 2012

I have made 4 other purchase there and had not one problem. I recently made a 5th order and never recieved it. They sent me a mail saying the delivery was made but I did not get it. I contacted customer support but that person "Vince" was very unhelpful and all he would tell me was to "...

Guy4game / SuckGuy4game

Dec 03, 2011

I bought gold from Guy4game and a few weeks later I got an email from blizzard saying they took it back. It pretty much said it was reported I hacked an account and they returned it to the account it came from which could only be them since it was the first time I ordered gold in 3 year...

Guy4game / Terrible Customer Service

Dec 03, 2011

Absolutely the worst service i have ever had.DO NOT BUY OR SELL TO Guy4game. I bought gold from them for one account after selling my other account to them, never received the gold and after 5 days of fighting with there terrible customer service they gave me half of what i was offered for...

Ao525 Guy4game / Scam


I ordered gold (a game currency) for Atlantica Online of 5.25 billion in return for my payment of $112 which I mailed to the address by mail and its been 4 weeks that they keep telling me to wait for the payment to arrive to them before I get what I ordered.