Gulf Oilfilling station manager

At approximately 10:20 on 24 October 2019 I was verbally assaulted by the man I believe to be the manager of the Gulf filling station in Leyburn, North Yorkshire, UK.

I bought fuel and intended to purchase a 5kg bag of charcoal briquettes. I went into the station pay and advised the person serving, who I believe to be the manager, that I wanted the charcoal add to the bill. He seemed confused as to whether I had asked for charcoal or peat so I attempted to clarify it for him by holding up a bag of exactly what I wanted to purchase.

At this point he shouted at me to leave it out of the shop, shouted at me to leave the shop and became extremely irate.

I paid for the fuel and charcoal but said as I was leaving, in a calm voice, that I didn't appreciate being shouted at since I was a paying customer. He then seemed to lose his temper entirely in a thoroughly unreasonable manner yelling at me to leave.

I and my family have used this filling station for 16 years, and have never encounter such rudeness and verbal abuse, here or anywhere else. We are four motorists who will now no longer use this station.

I believe a personal apology from this employee would be appropriate.

Andrew Ralls

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