GT Optionsbinary options

R Nov 29, 2019

Their scam works by asking you to deposit with promises of matching bonuses. after which, you are to blindly follow the broker's order to blindly trade (mine was a person named david) and you will see losses after each string of trades to the point that the account is zero. they will also ask you to put up some long positions. I have emailed to them, they reply was you have zero dollars and to withdraw you must trade 30 times your deposit plus the matching bonuses!

Wish I saw this earlier before hiring a claims personnel from www. who assisted me in getting my juice back from gtoptions, almost lost $23k to them.

My disaster is your lesson learnt. please spread the word around so that no one else will get conned again. my folly not to do a background check first. and surprising facebook has their advertisement and visa and mastercard cannot do anything about these illegal transactions.

All thanks to sh4dows I have a reason to smile again.

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