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Walden University For Profit (Issues)

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On 17th of Nov, 2014 by True Knowledge
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On 2014-11-17 20:20:19 by True Knowledge
Walden has swindled another student out of more than $60K and had no problem doing so. I am well educated and have taught university courses myself. Walden University should not be allowed to function as a profit or non-profit university at all. Who requirements is the institution meeting? Please take heed to what I mention here and what others are sharing with you. I wouldn't want anyone to be in my shoes right now. I wish I had of investigated Walden University more than I did in 2009. The chair and other members have constantly told me to re-frame my PS/P/SBP without any guidance and assistance. This has continued to go on for quite some time now. Of course none of the staff and professors are on the same page. Staff actually work against one another if you closely pay attention. There are several other issues that has taken place as well. The intensive writing course for DBA students offer some excellent but limited information for an extra $2,000 out of student's pockets. The information actually should have been provided during the first residency. It is a disservice to students for the university to hold such vital information from students. I have had to change my study focus more than once due to my chair stating it wasn't a business problem. There is no reason why students should be given all A's and once it's time for the writing of the proposal, nothing is good enough. Why are students getting A's in methodology courses (SPSS Software) and still have no clue at the end of the course how to apply statistics to a quantitative study. Yes, throughout the entire course, students were stressed and told we are doing wonderful, no worries. It was very evident students were totally lost, except for those who had previous experience with the software. Please investigate extremely deep before attending this for profit institution. Just start with calling the Attorney General's Office to find out how many complaints have been made and what type of complaints. Yes, the attorney general office will provide this information. Check the attorney general offices in other states to find out there complaints as well. If you make a complaint, it will have to be within your residential state regarding the attorney general If you have already enrolled and have complaint(s), they will investigate as well. However, they will not offer any legal advice to you. But this is a start to holding Walden University accountable for what they promise and promote to students no matter your program or degree level. Please turn over every rock and stone before applying to this institution or returning back from a break. Attend this institution at your own risk and if you choose to attend, I hope you will not experience what you are reading throughout this platform. I have found a law firm that is willing to investigate a class action law suit. If you are serious and interested, please email me at TrueKnowledge@mail.com
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