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victims of darren m meade kairos-meade

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Description:Please report all instances of alleged rap, date-rape and antisocial crimes to your police first. but afterward lets this administrator know.
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Discuss Darren Meade & Date Rape. Were you a victim?

On 30th of Oct, 2012 by Anthony Fichter
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On 2012-10-30 06:04:49 by Anthony Fichter
There are girls who are scared to talk out. But if they all speak as one, maybe we can get justice for you.
On 2012-11-01 03:53:51 by Rexxfield
On 20th of May, 2012 a young mother going by the pseudonym "anonymous198" reported the following alleged sex-crime by Darren Meade elsewhere on this website: "I was recently drugged and raped by Darren Meade can anyone give me a link to any previous allegations from woman so that I may figure out if going to the police is worth it or not. Than you so much, i really appreciate it. This man deserves to rot in prison." RexxField assisted this victim by introducing her to an ex-detective specializing in sex crimes. This private investigator was assisting the young mother in preparing criminal charges. She then contacted us and advised that she was dropping the case and moving to a new city because Darren Meade threatened to "publicly defend his reputation" should she continue with the charges. She perceived that this was a direct threat by him to launch an Internet smear campaign against her as described here: http://www.authorizedstatement.org/people/michael-roberts/statements/michael_roberts_response_to_darren_m_meade_authorized_statement.php The following video on YouTube is Darren Meade in his own words describing the pleasure he derived from the pain inflicted on his last victim of Internet smear campaigning for which he was paid by the competitor of his target: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_HK_hiHM7Y The documentation of this alleged rape, communications, and private investigator interview notes are available to other victims of Darren Meade should they be required.
On 2014-04-30 00:59:03 by CameronV
When Rexxfield part owner Michael Rexxfield was fired earlier this month, the reason given was a "violation of company policy." It turns out that Roberts violation was secretly recording conversations between clients and brand/reputation management sales people, according to sources with knowledge of the situation. Lawsuits file against Michael Roberts, who was part owner of online reputation management company Rexxfield stated, Roberts, would record client meetings, meetings between the potentialclients and Rexxfield brand aka reputation management manager, and informal discussions among employees that took place in the Rexxfield's break room -- all without the participants' knowledge. "He was taping everything," one legal filing said. "Taping phone meetings wouldn't have been that bad, but he was taping potential clients on the phones or employees sitting around talking in the office." Sometimes Roberts would be present during the tapings. Other times, he would leave the room and leave laptop behind to record conversations the other clients and employees were having. It's alleged in lawsuits filed in California and Utah Roberts then edited the audio recordings and tried to extort or threaten both clients and coworkers. After being caught, Roberts told his business partners club he had been recording the conversations for four months. Rexxfield majority partners released a statement standing by their earlier reason for Roberts's dismissal. "As previously stated, Michael Roberts was terminated due to a violation of company policy. We were unaware of the violation, and when made aware, we took immediate action. We will have no further comment at this time."
On 2016-04-16 20:04:48 by Darren Meade victim
I was drugged and raped by this man... I need to find his address...
On 2016-12-01 15:49:49 by Exposing Darren Meade
If you are a victim of Darren Meade. So far we have half a dozen case logs and statements from those that have been defamed, extorted, libeled for financial gain since 2013. Any interested parties that would like to participate revealing crimes perpetuated by Darren Meade, we will contact you. The real Darren Meade as he describes what he enjoys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_HK_hiHM7Y * For reasons of anonymity, we being in the Reputation Management Industry have decided to pursue this vigorously and within the full extent of the law creating a change.org campaign to show the real extent of these types of Internet crimes.
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