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Victims of Daniel C. Hunter III

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Description:Daniel C. Hunter III, who lives at 3 Stonington Road, Laguna Beach, California is a swindler, embezzler, thief and liar and all around bad guy who preys on members of his Mormon Church (Dan proclaims to love Jesus and used to be a Mormon Bishop, until he stared stealing from them and they kicked him out, so he's also a hypocrite) He steals from his neighbors in Laguna Beach and anyone else who has the misfortune of knowing him, including but not limited to, people with whom he has done business with. A formerly legitimate real estate developer, investor and general contractor, Dan started stealing from his business associates, fellow church members and neighbors when the economy soured and his investments went bad. Now broke, he survives by lying about his fraudulent hard money real estate lending business with convicted felon Marc Sessions Jensen (Google for details) and stealing money so he can perpetuate the illusion of prosperity. Do NOT under ANY circumstances loan money to or do business with this scumbag or you will pay the price, as I have!
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UPDATE! Dan Hunter has filed bankruptcy and is commiting fruad again!

On 11th of Jan, 2012 by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
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On 2012-01-11 21:59:24 by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
The house of cards has started to crumble and Dan's latest, desperate act has been to file for bankruptcy. He has listed debts of over $14 Million and virturually no assets except his house (which he wantys to keep). All of his real estate holdings and other assets have mysteriously been handed over to his inner circle within the last year and the money that he stole is unaccounted for. He would like to just sweep it all under the rug by blaming it all on the bad real estate market...nice try Dan! Not going to happen...The US Trustees office and the FBI are watching closely and dozens of his creditors are outraged! Litigation for bankruptcy fruad is sure to follow...
On 2012-11-07 15:47:17 by vikingz2000
@Daniel...Victim: Please keep me updated on this affair. Thank you kindly.
On 2012-11-08 13:42:18 by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
UPDATE: Dan is being sued for bankruptcy fruad and his entire bankruptcy is on hold pending the outcome of the case. Meanwhile, the lenders on his house have been given the green light by the bankruptcy court to foreclose on his house. Dan is not cooperating in the discovery process of the bnkruptcy fraud lawsuit and has failed to produce virtually all of the documents he is required to produce. Once again he is lying, stalling, evading and otherwise gaming the legal system to avoid the consequences of his criminal activity. If there is any justice in our legal system, the truth will prevail and Dan's bankruptcy will be thrown out of court, the FBI will file charges against him and he will be thrown in jail and he will be forced to pay back all the money he has stolen from his fellow Mormons, neighbors and business associates. Trial is set for early next year.
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Trying to evict poor familiess

On 23rd of Oct, 2011 by gf10111011
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On 2011-10-23 12:49:38 by gf10111011
Does Dan still have anything to do with Parkside Apts and Stephen Oveson? They are trying to evict poor familes from a low income housing project that they once built. They have gotten several millions of dollars from the City Redelopement of Los Angeles and claim they are broke???? Shame Shame Shame!!!!
On 2012-04-18 11:55:35 by Dave C.
Dan had nothing to do with Parkside Apts during the time you make reference. He built them but later relinquished his interest in the property. There were no millions to receive. You people really need to get your facts straight.
On 2012-04-18 12:38:18 by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
Hey Dave...how about the $14 Million dollars Dan listed on his bankruptcy petition that he's trying to fruadulently discharge? You are right about the apartments though. He transferred his interest to his Mormon lawyer to avoid a judgement creditor in violation of a court order, then was put in trial for contempt of court. He's also under investigation by the FBI for fraud. Any way you slice it, Dan Hunter is a liar, swindler and a scum bag! Oh...he hasn't filed a tax return since 2006 either...right when he started stealing all that money....
On 2012-04-20 05:19:57 by Daniel C. Hunter III Victim
According to Dan's own testimony under oath (Dan has repeatedly lied under oath and is a pathological liar) during his creditor's meeting in bankruptcy court, Dan admitted to stealing about $10,000/month from this partnership after he transferred his interest to his lawyer. He also continued to sign documents on behalf of the partnership as if he still owned it, so it doesn't surprise me that he is trying to evict low income tenants. He is attempting to refinance the proprerty to pull cash out. I believe he has an agreement to get the property back after he gets out of all his legal/financial troubles. Steve Oveson is Dan's business partner in the entity that holds an interest in the property (Oveson-Hunter Investments, Inc.). He stopped stealing the money only after his lawyer discoverd it. Dan is an narcissistic sociopath who has no regard whatsoever for anyone other than himself, so this is not surprising behavior.
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