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savannah bad breeders

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Description:This group will have all none reputable breeders listed with all complains people has against the breeder.
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Everyone, please list all your complains about bad Savannah breeders you have to deal with!

On 1st of Mar, 2015 by Olga Khazanovska
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On 2015-03-01 22:12:32 by Olga Khazanovska
At the time of reserving my first 2 kittens F1 Savannah and Bengal boy for my F2 Savannah program, the breeder Drinkwater cats , who know my thoughts, never show me any baby kittens at the time of personal reservation, when I came to her breeding facility. She showed me her cats in general but not my kittens and not even any pictures of my potential kittens. I reserved an F1 baby girl and SBT Bengal boy kittens without seeing these babies at first. I didn't know that I have a power to ask to show kittens or to at list to see a pictures at that time etc… I was a new breeder a that time and thought that this a is normal.... Later on , when I started my breeding program and my cats starts producing babies, I was very happy.....but not for a long time… The Bengal Boy and the F1 Savannah girl, who was cross breed of a Bengal and a Serval, started producing babies with an HCM issue. I did a lot of research and found first that the parents of my Bengal boy was confirmed with an HCH problems though the Bengal Group and a lot of other evidense on yahoo and other resources, and these people also posted periodically a table with all HCM cats confirmed by a Veterinarian. I fixed my baby boy at the age of 2 years old and told this to the breeder. Her response was " It's may happen." He has a chance to produce only 2 litters so far, but my F1 girl was kept and I found out she is caring the same issue not along after I fixed my boy. Her babies start developing the same problem. I have 24 more Savannah cats, who are Savannah to Savannah only and never ever have this issue with any of them for years and my F1 was born in December of 2008 as many of my cats. When I spoke to a breeder several times she mentioned that it may happen to any cat and no one is secured. But after I removed my F1 Savannah girl at the age of 4 years old and mentioned to this breeder again , she replied :”As far as HCM it occurs in all breeds and is a progressive disease that sometimes takes years to show up.” I am working in clinical research and I did a lot of research regarding the HCM. As far as I found, this issue is coming mostly from Mai Coon American Shorthairs, it's autosomal dominant,Ragdolls, Bengal and British Short Hair cat and I spoke with Susan Little DVM from Davis University also regarding this problem.No one can proof that the Bengals, if they were not cross breed to any of listed above, can produce this mutation. Andfinally, after seeing all these post on a Facebook she sent me several emails stating that she will sue me for a slander. I have necroscopy documents confirming of the HCM in a dead kitten and public HCM bengal list where all Bengal cat breeders are confirming their cats, who have na HCM and he cattery has a lot cats there as well and my Bengal boy father was on all lists. This breeder was trying to sue me based on her contract rules but not for the contract issues :) and in general , after her contract was reviewed by my attorney, I find out that her contract created against the Lemon Law of US.
On 2016-07-25 16:08:50 by Lagertha Lothbrok
I purchased an F7 Savannah girl from a Local Breeder, her Cattery name is SURREAL SAVANNAHS. At first she was a very nice lady to talk to. We purchased our girl for $700 as she was eager to home three 4 month old kittens she had cause she was overwhelmed with just getting 2 more litters. We bought our girl as a pet and quickly realized that we wanted to breed her. Spoke with the owner about getting breeding rights for her and she was good with it, so we started making payments to her for the balance owing. just after a month of having her we noticed some skin issues with her where she was going bald and losing skin pigment. We also notice shortly after we got her that she had a very prominent sternum. The vet wanted to watch and give it a month to see if it changed. It has gotten worse. I have done a lot of research and it turns out that a prominent sternum is a genetic disorder and any kitten/cat with it should not be bred as it could pass on to her kittens. We decided not to breed her for these reasons as I will not breed a cat with health issues. we had already paid the $800 towards her breeding right. Spoke to breeder and she has refused to give us the money back because she gave us a deal in the first place and she feels that the amount we paid will pay her for the discount she gave us. In every payment I sent her it stated for breeding rights. She has since blocked us from Facebook and small claims court will be our next step. Stay clear of this breeder, again her cattery name is SURREAL Savannahs out of CAMROSE, AB
On 2017-08-18 21:05:45 by ElisaM
If I'm not mistaken, hfc may occur at any time in cats life. The breeder can test them before breeding, however, the kittens may develop it years after. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong,
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