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caps/citizens against platinum services

Users : 2, Unauthorized Charges

It seems that platinum services is getting into citizens bank accounts and literally, taking out money. how this company is doing this is a mystery to me. I only know that as a hard working citizen I do not want anybody to take my money. This group will help support one another throught chats and advise. there are t...

marketecture scam

Users : 2, Internet Services

This group is for people who have been ripped off by marketecture seo services

people vs. suttell & hammer

Users : 5, Business & Finances

If you are in the process of, or have been screwed by this firm. please join in. we may start a class action lawsuit...

express flooring is a ripoff

Users : 1, Building, Construction

This group needs to figure out a way to get together, and sue express flooring. This company needs to shut down, as all they are doing is stealing hard earned dollars from the public. False promises, high pressure sales, and shotty service. Even the sub contractors are talking about how bad this company is and how...


Users : 11, Other

We, as americans/consumers, are tolerant to a degree. I as an inventor myself i've had enough with scam artists such as davison. people, this pitt. county's supporting them politically and financially. I say the same way we sent them hard earned cash and they didn't deliver, we need to recruit people to send money to h...

people v. american income life insurance

Users : 2, Job & Career

American income life (ail) allegedly has misclassified its employees as independent contractors and currently a class action lawsuit against ail is in the class certification stage.

shells only victims

Users : 1, Building, Construction

Anyone who has a reasonable belief, based on facts that has had a negative experince with shells only of suffolk, inc, shells only of nassau, or any other company owned or operated by dennis katevatis.

people against royal holiday

Users : 2, Travel & Vacations

Lets start our own group both here and on yahoo to make it easier to discuss our strategies against this company. we want a class action suit, i've already been a party to one and this is the best way to do it.

chase home modification fraud

Users : 1, Business & Finances

All people that has experienced the mortgage modification fraud circus of chase home finance llc.

help nail brian ferguson strategic maketing fraud

Users : 1, Business & Finances

People who have been scamed by strategic marketing letter with a chek for $998.73

dodge 6.7 diesel class action

Users : 1, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

This group is formed to centralize all consumer complaints against dodge for ripping off consumers by (1) selling diesel trucks with faulty exhaust systems and (2) failing to remedy the exhaust problem, and. currently, the law firm of craft hughes law, p. c. is investigating a potential nationwide class action lawsuit ...

campbell’s soup – no msg class action

Users : 1, Food

This group is formed to centralize all consumer complaints against compbell's soup. for misleading consumers by (1) claiming certain lines of soup sold by the company contained no msg, and (2) misleading sales techniques and tactics. currently, the law firm of craft hughes law, p. c. is investigating a potential nation...

goldline - gold coin fraud ripoff

Users : 3, Business & Finances

This group is formed to centralize all consumer complaints against goldline international, inc. for ripping off consumers by (1) grossly overcharging consumers for gold coins, (2) misleading sales techniques and tactics, and (3) deliberately manipulating public fears of an impending government takeover. currently, the ...

hunter ridge exotics sherlean hunter breeder

Users : 2, Pets & Animals

A group of pet kitten/cat buyers and bengal breeders that have had negative dealings with sherlean hunter of hunter ridge exotics of ocala florida. anyone who has been scammed by this cat breeder may join this group and share information.

acs sucks

Users : 7, Business & Finances

For those of us who have been treated horribly and subjected to ridiculous student loan interest by acs. if you think a class-action lawsuit sounds good. get in touch.

ohio unemployment concerns

Users : 1, Government & Police

This is a log of every complaint or concern that people have against the ohio department of job and family services, unemployment unit. this will keep track of all that log on to this complaint section just in case there comes a time when a class action against them arises.

stop so called meat co.

Users : 3, Food

We are here because we all where ripped off by iowa steak co. and other fly by night companies in our cities. it's time we stand up and get our state and city reps. to make tougher laws on companies selling door to door. you can e-mail me with your concerns at: we_can_fix_it_now@yahoo.com. my name is john smiles...

geoholiday class action law suit

Users : 25, Real Estate

This group is for those of who feelthey have been wronged by geoholiday aka starpoint resorts. if we can work together we can start a class action suit and get our hard earned money back!! 111

car rental scams in ireland

Users : 1, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

Have you been ripped off by car rental companies in ireland. I would like to know. please send me the details so that I can build up a profile.

gaming sponsorships

Users : 1, Online Scams

The mlg pro listed below (xbox live gamertag: araess) is a con artist and a liar. gametaste sponsored him to go to orlando (paid for his airline tickets and bought the entire team their shirts... about $430.00). he has done absolutely nothing he promised.in fact, him and his team only wore the shirts the first day of t...

class action against wachovia dealer services

Users : 4, Business & Finances

If you are a victim of wachovia dealer services now wells fargo dealer services. join this group and file your claim. we have found a class action attorney and we need all the facts we can get. so that the case can be filed asap.

qfl inc.

Users : 1, Online Scams

Qfl (quest for life) inc. is a company based in new jersey. they have a long history of billing and customer service issues. if you have been screwed by this company I would love to hear from you. I am not an attorney, just an angry consumer. I am looking for people interested in a class action suit. please contact bra...

bankcard empire raid

Users : 2, Online Scams

Did bank card empire (or bankcard empire) scam you? authorities started a raid on april 13, 2010 and continued with more on april 14, 2010 Get all the information here... don't forget to post a comment, and every email will recieve an "immediate" response.

human hair scammers - beaware of this "indian hair manufacturers associaton"

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

Update people about the new kind of scams happening in human hair business in india

Users : 1, Airlines

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