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cash store boycott

Users : 1, Business & Finances

This is a group boycotting cash store financial in canada. I would like this group to be a forum for sharing alternative options to taking out a payday loan, or to which alternate lending companies to use, instead of the cash store financial in canada (or anywhere really). People generally utilize the services of a ...

dream bath american bath factory contractors.com deception mr. rick and mr. jim had full knowledge

Users : 5, Building, Construction

Hello abf, dream bath, and contractors.com. allot of good people who got ripped off for money, time investment, and let us not forgetabout the fraud. nice presentation your brother made up and told all of us it was real and true, he answered all the questions himself, we have the emails and phone conversations to prove...

kaiser permanente

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

Expose kaiser permanente hmo crimes. expose and educate. inform and prevent being victimize by kaiser permanente. learn from other kp's victims, how to protect you self and love ones. check www.kaiserpapers.org. google my name marin pitu, see video(s). knowledge is power! only power fights power! the power of your mind...

stop 5linx/globalix from ripping people off

Users : 1, Business & Finances

This is to make people aware of how 5linx cheats people and to try to stop them from cheating others... also we need others to join in on tweeter because 5linx is all over it leading people to believe they are great when we all know better... please contact me for tweeter info..

hit web design class action lawsuit

Users : 2, Business & Finances

We are currently forming a class action lawsuit against hit web design, aka heritage web solutions. please email details on how you were scammed as well as contact information to hitlawsuit@yahoo.com Thank you!

sun life assurance of canada

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

Disability claims - complaints - the consumer experience dealing with sun life - have you had a bad experience? Join the rest of us

tivo class action suit

Users : 1, Unauthorized Charges

Group of people interested in joining a class action suit against tivo inc.


Users : 1, Online Scams

Please help expose online scammers to protect those who may be potential victims. — thanx!

cps complaints

Users : 4, Law & Civil Rights

If you have been abused or falsely accused by child protective services, family courts or the foster care system, feel free to share your stories here.

h1b visa victims

Users : 1, Government & Police

Hi all, I would like to know what we need to when a h1b visa processing consultancy cheats us. one consultancy has promised to provide h1b visa by taking money, now they are not supporting me. I would like to lodge a complaint against such team. they need to be prosecuted so that this will not be repeated again. need ...

ladco leasing scam 2/21/2011

Users : 3, Business & Finances

Fraud in merchant services and equipment by ladco leasing and any of their affiliates including, but not limited to eps90, evalon, u. s. bank and any other merchant services provider or bank associated with ladco leasing.

parents that have lost lost their children to cps for no reason

Users : 5, Family & Relationships

This is for people who have had their children illegally taken from them by child protective services and or children and youth services

victims of daniel c. hunter iii

Users : 3, Business & Finances

Daniel c. hunter iii, who lives at 3 stonington road, laguna beach, california is a swindler, embezzler, thief and liar and all around bad guy who preys on members of his mormon church (dan proclaims to love jesus and used to be a mormon bishop, until he stared stealing from them and they kicked him out, so he's also a...

pet insurance fraud

Users : 1, Pets & Animals

People who have been denied claims by vpi pet insurance

the parrs are busted

Users : 5, Online Scams

I formed this group for all of us who have been duped, scammed and lied to by mary denlinger parr and her fraudulent family!

midland mortgage class action suit

Users : 1, Real Estate

Please go to www.bankclassactions.com we are trying to put a class action suit together against midland mortgage please pass this around. Thank you, Kathleen Midland mortgage loan holder and very upset.

massage envy sucks

Users : 2, Health & Beauty

We have begun the preliminary steps for class action lawsuits against massage envy and some of its fanchises loctions across the us. our goal is to win back our money, get an appology, and let the country know we wont stand for a business to operate in this manner in in our neighborhoods. this group will serve as on...

telemarketing scam

Users : 1, Telecommunications

Scam scam scam scam I started working w/ solid oak marketing to imprint schelling state farm agency ad on the back side of t-shirts to be given to eisenhower high school at football and basketball games. I submitted my payment to them on july 2, 2010 and it is now january 20, 2011 and still have not recieved my produc...


Users : 1, Business & Finances

This is all about china scam, cheat, unethical business deals, counterfeit products. identify and report any suspect website before they claim victim casualties among us, help gather information. join me at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chinascam/ check my alert list of 12,000+ and see if you are dealing with ch...

people against cleanseal ep

Users : 1, Products & Services

Join us against being ripped off from keith walker and his company-cleanseal global, cleanseal ep or cleanseal international. he has frauded many out of hundreds of thousands. call the fbi when you have been taken, or before you do!!

we hate diamond resorts international

Users : 4, Travel & Vacations

While typically I am not a hater I feel very strong about this particular group of thugs... the illustrious spokes holes for diamond resorts international a nevada corporation continue to spew their lies about why they are $crewing their own members out of thousands of dollars or eu whichever the case may be. they ...

california psychics discussion board

Users : 13, Family & Relationships

This is a group for people who have had experiences with california psychics and want to share those experiences with others. positive thinkers, open-minded and genuinely kind people are a bonus!

kohl's associate past or present

Users : 1, Products & Services

Any person employed by kohl's that has a complaint.

michael sheika

Users : 2, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

People who got screwed by michael sheika

class action lawsuit gmac aurora loan services

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Contact the federal trade commission daily to hold gmac and aurora loan services accountable for ripping off homeowners. the federal trade commission will investigate these companies if they receive enough complaints. fax 202-326-2012 attention: consumer response center. they need to be sued for what they are doing. ...

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