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class action lawsuits

Users : 1, Law & Civil Rights

This group is for individuals seeking advice regarding class action lawsuits. the group was started by todd kennedy, a graduate of yale law school and a class action lawyer. if you would prefer to discuss your issue confidentially, feel free to contact todd at todd@gutridesafier.com, or (415) 789-6390.

waffle house employee's speak up and be heard

Users : 1, Restaurants & Bars

Employee's that have been discriminated against, and abused and lied to by waffle house management.

do not do business w/ us [metal] buildings

Users : 2, Building, Construction

This company must be exposed for their unethical business practices, fraud, violations of the consumer protection act, deception, misrepresentation and many other criminal actions. Please join this group if you have any complaints against this company or any of the other names they use. I have contacted states atto...

big boy scooters

Users : 1, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

Big boy scooters, service and quality... have you suffered? please put it up here and join the facebook group "bigboy scooter faults".

corllins universityis fake

Users : 1, Education

Please join me to expose this university, if you can help please do.

andura guard

Users : 1, Building, Construction

Hi, I work on a programme for channel 5 called cowboy builders. I am currently investigating andura guard also known as wallcote, weatherex, pearl xp, and global home protection ltd. I wondered if you could help me with any information at all? my contact details are 01273 224829 or sophie. chandler@ricochet.co.uk Reg...

wwic cheater group

Users : 2, Government & Police

Wwics immigration company is fraud — never trust wwics Wwics immigration company is a big cheat! Never hire their services for any kind of immigration; or else you will end up in soup Following are real life experiences of people hired services of wwics… Dear friends, I am just wondering, can we do any ...

kool smiles

Users : 1, Business & Finances

I am a former kool smiles employee. what these chains of dental clinics do to there patients, and employees is inhumane and has to be stopped!

diamonds international

Users : 2, Jewelry & Watches

7/20/2011 I am creating this group for people that have had bad experiences with diamonds international. please join the group and share your story.

allstate homeowners insurance

Users : 1, Real Estate

Allstate homeowners insurance is not what you might think. their advertising would lead you to beleive that you are in good hands with them. as long as your claim is under $10k, you might be okay with them. however, I just experienced a fire which, according to the fire marshall it is a complete loss. allstate's inexpe...

portfolio to paradise

Users : 3, Travel & Vacations

Funny I saw this complaint (below) and it is the mirror image same people too of what my husband I just went to in the horton plaza in san diego. only thing that was different was we got a vochure for a free cruise and 2 free flights> My wife and I responded to a mailing where we were offered free... 2 round trip a...


Users : 1, Real Estate

Aimco apartments seem to have a very large problem with management and work getting done. together we can file our common complaints in one forum. I recommend starting this group to encompass all aimco complaints.

north american spine dallas

Users : 2, Health & Beauty

For those having successful surgeries with nas (dallas only, please), will you please update your post to let others know if you still feel the same as you did when you posted the positive comments. I am researching to find the best "fit" for my problem (3 lumbar disc bulges, arthritis - would get the accurascope proce...

smart meter victims

Users : 1, Home & Garden

If you or anyone you know is experiencing health problems or over billing due to the new "smart meter's" being installed on homes whether you want them or not, please share with us here your situation. we want to form a group for concerned citizens that are interested in fighting back. we are victims of the smart meter...

walmart did me wrong

Users : 1, Products & Services

If walmart has damaged your car during oil and lube, I would like to here from you. Don't go to walmart oil & lube they will ruin your car and not pay for it, they refer you to their insurance who will not pay. I now beleave what everyone else says about walmart, I have now learned my lesson. change your own oil. ...

david soriano austinrentahome scammer

Users : 1, Real Estate

This group will be dedicated to all of those people who have been ripped off by david soriano aka austinrentahome.com. I have filed a lawsuit against him, his company and the property owners of 413 fairfield loop, leander, tx 78641. we have since vacated the rental property. he stole over $1500.00 in deposits and durin...

666 the social media people

Users : 5, Telemarketing

Genuine customers, or near customers of the social media people (and associated companies including net66), with genuine grievances.

aarp fraud

Users : 1, Other

This is a group I am starting. I would like you to join this group by messaging me (lesbngrrl) here. just to catch them in the act, I renewed my membership for $16, which of course I will get back when I prove what they did to me. i'm trying to find people from all over the country who have about two years left on thei...

asset west lawsuit

Users : 1, Business & Finances

For those of you who have encountered issues with asset west and its business practices. Please write to me and we can retain your information in order to proceed with a class action lawsuit. Thank you for your support and honesty. all conversations are confidential.

safelink sucks

Users : 1, Government & Police

Safelink wireless sucks another government funded service outsourced custumer service, us govermment program with custumer service outsourced to india, with people that are only able to regergitate what they have already heard from someone else, thier a bunch of frigging parrots that arent capable of thinking for thems...

janet lee psychic scams

Users : 1, Society & Culture

Janet lee is a psychic fraud and joey lee they are listed in the police database In houston texas and is on ssi fraud and tom lee his father is on ssi for over 30. years and james lee is on ssi and is seling cars and has his son don lee a. k. a. don guy lee has five or more life insurance policys in his name that are...

verizon, hitler, is there a difference?

Users : 2, Telecommunications

The verizon wireless "company," is in need of careless, dishonest, fraudulent, inconsistent, uneducated bodies who are capable of preforming duties such as, manipulating good people, threatening customers by any means necessary and creating confusing information that does not make sense. must be able to lie, cheat and ...

adrenalin ink whitby

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

This is for those people who have been pierced or tattooed at adrenalin. how was your experience?

aflac victims

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Concerned citizens who pay premiums for accident only insurance to learn they do not have coverage because policy failed to be explicit when read nothing appearing to point out accident policy do not pay benefits for loss from sickness.

screwed by teladoc!

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

For those who paid (or had their insurer or group pay) for monthly retainer fees to teladoc, and then paid $35+ each consult for the ability to speak with a real medical doctor with prescribing rights "whereever, whenever" but who were then screwed and kicked out of the teladoc system because they actually used the ser...

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