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globalvisas victims

Users : 4, Government & Police

I have been scammed by globalvisas - I lost 1120 pounds - I raised the issue with my bank and the police wit no success so far. I want my money back. can we coordinate efforts to take this company down or at least get our money back? who is with me? We could take them to small claims court or if there are enough of ...

did disability and disability attorney ruin your life???

Users : 4, Law & Civil Rights

I just came across this site this morning. I am not in good health, and because of the state as well as my disability attorney, I have been rendered useless, homeless, no money, lied to, it took them over 6 years to 'okay' my disabilities when I have had some since 12 years and I am 47 now. I do not know what to do....

victims of darren m meade kairos-meade

Users : 1, Family & Relationships

Please report all instances of alleged rap, date-rape and antisocial crimes to your police first. but afterward lets this administrator know.


Users : 2, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

Starting this group on 9/20/12 to organize those that have been scammed by blue water partnership and it's subsidiaries; blue water recreation, platinum image motorsports, ez2buyllc, equity management investments (emi).

ahmsi/homeward residential complaints

Users : 2, Real Estate

This group is dedicated to sharing information and tactics that will help to prevent the abusive and predatory loan and collection practices of ahmsi aka homeward residentail.

paul j. hooten & associates, debt collector & attorney

Users : 1, Business & Finances

If one day I read that this group owns the system — from the client, to the process servers, to the clerks, and, even our judge(s), city marshals or county sheriffs. Nor would it surprise me the culture of corruption is well is known by the courts, those who practice and work before them, their bar association(s) a...

don't call gillece plumbing

Users : 1, Scam Contests

This group will be a place for you to join if you are a victim of gillece plumbing. gillece plumbing company is a business that gouged their customer. you will only learned that you were gouged after the fact. they take advantage of people.


Users : 2, Health & Beauty

We are staff and residents who want to expose the fraud at dr. tonmoy sharma's multiple facilities at sovereign in san clemente and at lake arrowhead treatment center in lake arrowhead. all those who want to join us, please contact us through this safe, anonymous site.

shimal thakrar atos, atos origin, atos international - pervert, pedophile, sexual deviant

Users : 1, Family & Relationships

This group is for men and women who have done sexual favors for shimal thakrar employed at atos, atos origin, atos international in exchange for jobs, promotions, increments and any other office related perks.

h10 & rci timeshare complaints

Users : 1, Hotels

Anyone with complaints on h10 resorts and timeshare exchange with rci please let your complaints be known! I am waiting a decision on full refund of membership when they clearly can't deliver... when the decision is made it had better be for a full refund or I will be flying to punta cana or cancun for the third meetin...

h10 privilege and rci points complaints

Users : 1, Travel & Vacations

Anyone with complaints about any of the h10 hotels and timeshares and rci points please join the group and express your complaints... waiting for a decision of getting money back for fully paid membership with h10 privilege and rci points and weeks... and if they take longer than the 48 hrs for a decision then I will b...

victims of account assure/unauthorized charges

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Account assure is affiliated with the world financial banks which recently took over alot of our retail credit cards. account assure has been attaching charges per month without consent to such retail cards such as lane bryant, victorias secret and many others. they claim that we the consumer has to ask for it to be ca...

turbo tax is hell

Users : 2, Business & Finances

If anyone have problems with turbo tax join this group so we can come together a do a class action lawsuit agains these theives

atos origin recruitment scams by bijit mazumder and shimal thakrar.

Users : 1, Job & Career

People who have been scammed by bijit mazumder and shimal thakrar at atos origin.

synapseindianoida truth

Users : 1, Job & Career

Group against synapseindia, noida All the employee who are suffered with bad policy of synapseindia, are requested to join this group. This is the place where you can put your voice against this fraud company freely. lets all unite together against synapseindia harassment.

ibsn victims

Users : 2, Business & Finances

Im creating this coz... im just another victim of ibsn... hence im promoting another from which i've got lot of support to resolve my earlier notices and also gave me fantastic service that too at the lowest fees.

maharaja cruise scam group

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Group of people scammed by maharaj cruise. let us fight together and get this business closed.

class action on funding universe

Users : 2, Business & Finances

Dear friends and victims of funding universe, I never seen or heard an audacious and arrogant company like funding universe, they have already stolen hundreds of thousands from many customers, then now they changed the name to lendion?. but, no law suit or serious actions of them so far. because people are either relu...

western dental complaints

Users : 4, Health & Beauty

We are a group of individuals that feel scammed, over billed, defrauded or otherwise injured who are ready to stand up and say "we are not taking it anymore".

george massalas biz builder.com real estate scam

Users : 1, Real Estate

George massalas (ceo biz builder.com) is diversifying his portfolio of scaming, so please add this group and I am personally going to see to it that justice be served. i've got a couple of ideas, which I would like to share with those that are interested.

citizens against kenneth taylor md

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

If you have information and/or facts concerning kenneth taylor md, and are interested in sharing this information (you can remain anonymous) please reply.

babies r us customer service

Users : 2, Kids & Baby

Any consumers that are fed up with customer service practises of babies r us and toys r us. there are many parents and grandparents out there that are not aware of the money they are being cheated out of when they shop there. with christmas coming, we need to get the word out.

customer awareness issue

Users : 1, Telecommunications

Verizon wireless is allowing a customer every taylor where about (beaumont texas) to fraud and charge a verizon bill to my name. He and his girlfriend a person involved with helping the matter for him under his contract not in my name has not brought the matter up to the company to resolve his charged bill sent to a b...

taco bell assistant manager...

Users : 1, Other

A woman or person name bettie or betty roberts black female (young) accuse me of trying to trespass or enter to rob the store are something on a morning shift. their was three or more groves texas police officers at walgreen's photo area of a store trying to handcuff me with a guy first name or work tag (joseph as my w...


Users : 1, Other

For those who are against softmantra and fraud bpo

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