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bust that bankers-flam!

Users : 1, Job & Career

They are looking to employ or be an individual contractor working from home. but they are not paying for your time and effort! Bogus scheme to lure people and have a plenty of manpower for them!!

abandoned/unclaimed property frauds

Users : 1, Government & Police

State and provincial chief financial officers are engaged in a scam to deprive people of their personal property (not real property). they have an association called the national association of unclaimed property administrators that can be found at www.naupa.org where you can click on a state province and search to see...

against fake reviews

Users : 1, Other

Here you can complaint and check if someone post fake review and continuously decreasing your reputation. join and tell your story. this can make a difference.

illegal towing & booting victims in texas

Users : 1, Cars, Parts & Vehicles

The primary source of information in texas regarding the towing and booting of vehicles from private or public parking lots without their permission. Key issues and insight regarding scams by towing companies, parking facility owners, vehicle booting companies, that provides a live person to speak with whenever cal...

shriram panorama buyers guide

Users : 1, Real Estate

Hi all, this group is created for buyers who are planning to buy or invest seek the experiences of owners already bought flats or villas in panorama shriram properties. as I gone through different complaint board sites regarding panorama shriram properties rushikonda vizag. I came to conclusion these sites were rampant...

victims of lsbf london

Users : 1, Education

Those who have fallen prey of the bloodthirsty administration of lsbf

bring barclays to account for trying to obtain dead clients money from his account

Users : 1, Business & Finances

My name is graham baker. I have prove of fraud at barclays bank, but need your help to bring it to the public attetion if you want to know how I know join this page and I will show you the truth about what happens to your money when you die if you do not have anyone to leave it to

veterans united

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

Veterans' united to bring asttention via class action through the media and applicable Media outlets regarding the failures of the va to care for the veterans and their families. to name and state facts alleging congressional failures, va medical center wrong Doings and the demand for investigations to bring violat...

french notaires

Users : 1, Law & Civil Rights

Problems with french notaires

natalies little yorkies

Users : 1, Pets & Animals

Natalies little yorkies is a reputed name in small dog sellers in watertown, south dakota United states.

beaumont new mahabaleshwar

Users : 1, Real Estate

Let's come together against any fraud


Users : 2, Family & Relationships

For those out there desperately trying to find the truth about gary direnfeld your social worker!

my quid my loan now

Users : 2, Business & Finances

Con artists. crooks and thieves. they take money out of youre bank do not give these or any loan online company your bank details as your bank will not stop this fraud and you will struggle to get hold of these crooks and never get a refund... sorry to say folks but it is a con and this company needs closing down now

bing rewards complaints

Users : 2, Internet Services

Lots of things go wrong in bing rewards you don't get your prize you don't get your points you cant make an account ect well complain here

world travel

Users : 4, Travel & Vacations

Anyone with complaints on world travel - travel services, ultimate travel, sunrise travel, (or any of their connecting agency's llc's) please contact us, we are gathering everything to try to shut them down - and hopefully get all our $ back. Ted & patti


Users : 2, Business & Finances

I am building this group for rejuvance, I want to bring some people together that are like me and have a dream to have a successful home base business but need have some great skills and unfortunately was not partnered with the best companies. I want a group of people ready to join my team and ready to work together to...

manufacturing chemist

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

All chemists / process engineers / laboratory analysts / research scientist should join this group to share difficulties / experiences / knowlege

terracotta group

Users : 2, Business & Finances

Issues concerning terracotta group and all associated companies listed under the ownership of tingting zhang.

parents that con companies

Users : 3, Entertainment

Ellen patrick /madeline julia, attempted to defame and strong arm, talented kids a teens, ran by a college girl and a pr firm. ellen is a nightmare parent who slanders/strong arms/ disrespects/abuses/lies on and lies about companies that are child geared in the entertainment industry. we have emails and proof that elle...

california state (prison industriy authority

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Board of prison terms kidnapping running their own show to hide and dwellthree prisons and the use of hidden monies taken from non-name. the ganging on their own groups as police here in san francisco applicate there kills and shootings to one guy district attorney and hidden objectives.

blue pearl victims

Users : 2, Pets & Animals

For people who are victims of blue pearl

onineticketexpress are caught

Users : 1, Entertainment

Good news!!! These people finally were arrested yesterday and they are investigated by the israeli police. the police needs many complaints as possible in order to put them behind bars. so please cooperate. Everyone that got scammed by these people please file a complaint: 1. download this file: https://drive....

complaints against matthew taylor

Users : 2, Building, Construction

Anyone who has been scammed by matthew taylor with his construction companies such as boss building, fenice construction, the phoenix group, ml construction and now ml group inc. should join this group. please contact jennifer ratliff at 614-419-9522 or email at jenniferr324@gmail.com or jennifer@skywardgrille.com. ...

law suit against choice home wattanty

Users : 6, Real Estate

Class action law suit against choice home warranty. looking for contractors to join with us.

fit for life lawsuit

Users : 2, Scam Contests

This is for all those people out there that have been scammed by fit for life network. if anyone knows how or is interested in getting a class action lawsuit going for this company please let me know!!! no one will get rich but at least that company will have to pay and people will get back what they are owed.

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