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geoholiday class action law suit

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Description:This group is for those of who feelthey have been wronged by geoholiday aka starpoint resorts. if we can work together we can start a class action suit and get our hard earned money back!! 111
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On 2nd of Feb, 2014 by woodrho2
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On 2014-02-02 22:04:26 by woodrho2
I would like to join a class action against Geo Holiday AKA Star point resort. I have written proof of false statements to provoke customers to upgrade to more expensive packages.
On 2014-02-03 10:49:47 by gmkhawaii
I would join your lawsuit.........please fill me in on the details when possible. thank you.......
On 2014-02-03 11:57:58 by mahirap
I was able to cancel even though it was more than 5 days bec it was still within the limits set by my credit card company. I signed the contract sometime July 22nd & cancelled late but my credit card company found a loophole on Starpoint Resort when they charged my credit card the 5 days wasn't applicable. A class action lawsuit will be a long shot without any guarantee. My plan b4 when i was in your situation is just to walk away & let my credit take the hit. You can only do this if your not planning on applying for mortgage or any other type of loan bec as soon as you don't pay them your credit bureau will be ruined guaranteed. How long ago did you join have you ever thought of just using it & letting friends or relatives use it. Just warn them on any other offer this people will put in front of them. I am hearing lots of horror stories just be vigilant in saying no to everything they offer because they're big liars.
On 2015-09-27 20:57:41 by shawngo
PLease let me join, My wife and I were also victims of this scam, I would truly love to try and retain some of my money back..I recently found out that my last 7 payments to these assholes have all gine towards interest ,so they say,,not 1 dime has gone towards the principle and for some strange reason they cant seem to find my 800$ deposit.WE joined up in jan2012 while on a trip to Vegas,we travel frequently to asia and thought this perhaps would save us some money on rooms and so fourth,we were also told we could sell at any time and book time at the Jocky Club at a moments notice,ALL of this was bullshit,they are now hounding me for further payments that they will NOT get. I should probably mention that WE are from Canada but don't know if that is in our favor or not,Iam not sure how cross border non payments work..Regardless ,Iam completely willing to join the gang in a class action law suit..I have names and numbers to starpoint if anyone needs these..please ,if anyone has info that will help us out,by all means please contact me at soneil@sasktel.net I will do the same as to help anyone else out how ever I can..Lets get these basterds.
On 2015-12-29 18:49:26 by Butler Barbara
I would like to join a class action against Geo Holiday AKA Star point resort/Sappire. I have had it with this group they are a rip off.
On 2016-01-11 20:29:35 by SnjezanaB
I would join your lawsuit...please fill me in on the details when possible. thank you..... OMG I don't even know from where to start from, everything we where told..and none of it happen.. for a whole year we are paying for the membership or what ever its called (have not used any of there services at all...not even the free Cruise) (got a letter for $1,800 to pay for cleaning..membership fees and who knows what else..cant believe we singed anything with them... we should have known all of it was too good to be true..I really wanna stop the payments, but afraid on what would happen? And unfortunately can not afford a lawyer...SOOO MAD ABOUT IT...
On 2016-01-13 15:30:35 by Kasia8495
if there is anything being gathered against them here in Canada, Ontario my parents fell prey to this scam as well. For now they are stopping their membership fees, willing to forgo the 11K they paid upfront for the "privilege". Please contact me if anyone is getting a group together to sue them. kasia-is@sympatico.ca
On 2016-01-21 09:11:15 by Sussman Law
My firm has sued them and gotten return of $$. You can find out more at www.timesharelegalaction.com
On 2016-11-10 17:30:40 by Veetlon F
My mom and stepdad bought and paid off their GEO timeshare in 1997 and was never able to use it. They try to cancelled the purchase back in 1997 a week after signing but we told they couldn't and would be put in colletions. So they paid it all in full but was never trained or shown how to use this timeshare. I am now finding out they have this timeshare ownership.
On 2016-11-11 12:47:17 by Scottsfamily
I would like to join too. I bought this in last vegas more then 4 years ago and have only really used it once. It seems like whenever I try to use nothing available or I have to come out of pocket. I've spent so much money and this is not what it was made up to be. This really sucks I hate it and want out.
On 2017-01-10 18:00:09 by dp4
We would be interested in joining this class action lawsuit. We joined in 2005 and have only used the timeshare 3 times within Canada, every other time was a painful and difficult experience. Everything is always booked, you have to call to forward your RCI points year to year and memebership fees are a joke. They cashed my cheque and never applied it to my account. I sent a bank statement and they still will not remove the outstanding balance. We would love to get out of this scam timeshare. Has anything transpired since all these postings? Help!
On 2017-01-15 19:22:42 by mppattie
I would also like to join this class action lawsuit against GEO Holidays. I have been a sad owner now for 2 years and have been trying to get rid of it for the past 6 months. Looking forward to hearing how to join this group. Please advise.
On 2017-01-16 17:34:07 by Sally and Jane
I would like to join this class action lawsuit. I have been an owner since 2015 and have paid my annual dues each year including this year. Would love to get this monkey off my back! pkease advise what is happening and what is involved.
On 2017-01-25 14:26:15 by Sherry & Willie
I would like to join as well, they are scamming people and unfortunately my husband and I fell victim to them! I refuse to make the payments and have sent them a certified letter stating they have not made good on the package they sold us. Please let me know how I can join!
On 2017-02-09 07:35:14 by Munroe
Hello I purchased this last year and every time I have called to book something no luck at all. I have requested someone to call me back but no such luck. I have paid my annual dues but it seems like this is the worst vacation pkg ever. I have sent an email to call me back but no answer.
On 2017-03-29 19:48:08 by Kacienoonan
Geoholiday has changed to Sapphire Resorts. We joined with Geoholiday and upgraded with Sapphire only to find out there aren't any resorts available. I would like to join a class action suit. my email is kacieconsulting@gmail.com
On 2017-04-04 06:51:52 by Alessandra Correia
me too. Feel free to email me little_sweetpea1936@yahoo.ca. Considering timeshareexit team. Has anyone had any experience with them?
On 2018-01-10 19:27:03 by Doh!
Hi, same tale of woe, joined under Geo Holidays roughly 15 years ago while staying at the Wigamog Inn in Haliburton, Ontario Canada, which had been around for a long while. Geo promised all sorts of stuff, sounded great. End result they closed the original inn, built condo units and now you have to go to another resort down the road for any amenities. Useless is a kind word to use for this scam, if it wasn't for RCI we couldn't find anywhere to go on vacation. Absolutely on board for a law suite but like the idea of just not paying them and see what happens. We tried a company that claims to be able to dispose of your timeshare, paid up front - you know what happened - nothing. In fact they eventually told us that they refuse to handle anything to do with Geo. If anyone has news about a movement in Canada please let me know. I'm sure a smart lawyer could prove that this product is unfit for the intended purpose, then again maybe that's just wishful thinking. emial:pjmb88@rogers.com
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On 2nd of Feb, 2014 by woodrho2
Replies (8)
On 2014-02-02 22:04:53 by woodrho2
I would like to join a class action against Geo Holiday AKA Star point resort. I have written proof of false statements to provoke customers to upgrade to more expensive packages.
On 2014-05-06 10:55:34 by WORSTdecisionEVER
I am SO sad I did not research this horrible company prior to signing up for this very shady company. There are page after page of websites of how hideous they are. So now, we get to pay almost $200 a month for the next 40 years of our lives - all to be the proud owner of a bag of BULL...We were told nothing but lies after lies. We were offered 4 plane tickets to Hawaii to stay at one ot the resorts and use our points. What do you know, the offer was a worthless as the paper flyer it was printed on. We were told they would help us find a place anywhere in any state if they did not have a resort - do yourself a favor, check out to see what cities they actually have property in - not too many locations you would ever want to go. Furthermore, they do not help you with anything outside of their properties - rep didn't even know what I was talking about when I asked about this. VERY disappointing. GEO HOLIDAY over charged us our first month, our contract said one thing and their system said another amount. When we called them (in Jan 2014) to let them know about THEIR mistake and now they are sending me threatening to send me to collections - seriously!??! These people need to be put out of business - I want out...whos with me?!?!
On 2014-05-06 12:19:27 by mahirap
i didn't pay anything i walk away and i don't care about my credit worthiness bec i already have everything i need they are the worst business next to prostitution, politics, and they can also be lined up with murderers, rapist,pedophille and terrorist. Whoever designed this business is really meant to hurt hard working people. And I didn't even give them any penny. We are wasting our precious time because people who owns this Timeshare are very,very,very rich & influential people from US or even around the world. They can waste their time just golfing because they are already set for life bec of the money they can legally still from hard working people. Don't waste your time i have approached already FBI, Attorney General's Office no one wants to even want to listen because this Timeshare people owns the world. I'm just waiting for someone to ask me for a class action lawsuit & i will sign without hesitation. I am in but i don't have the money to hire a lawyer let alone even a second to spend on a lawsuit but i can sign & I agree. I hope someone who is a lawyer can take care of this for us. We don't have the resource to waste for this Timeshare. But YES to a class action lawsuit.
On 2014-07-28 03:22:59 by mrsgreness
HVe any canadians just ztopped paying? If so what did they do about it? I dont think it can effect our credit but want to make sure becore i cancel my credit card.
On 2014-09-15 00:13:28 by gmkhawaii
I CLOSED my checking account....didn't pay anything....I lost my down payment only because I didn't realize I had at least 30 days to file a dispute with credit card company. kept all correspondence records of communication with them trying to cancel purchase. told them to "take me to court"......nothing heard from them since receiving a letter stating that they were "foreclosing" on my "real estate" purchase?..... what a joke !!
On 2014-09-17 08:44:15 by mahirap
I am Canadian and I was scammed by Starpoint last year sometime Aug. Get your credit card company to dispute as service not as describe because they were promising too much but nothing really sticks. I got the $1500 i put as downpayment & nothing is happening to my credit worthiness from Equifax & TransUnion. My credit is still good. Don't take anything they offer bec they're like a blackhole full of shit. Liars but FBI nor any lawyers in Vegas or police can''t do anything so I just walk away with my money back. If the charge on the credit card is still within 120 days you can call your credit card company or email Startpoint & give a copy of the email to your credit card company that u r cancelling because the service they promise is not what they say it is" service not as described" & don't pay anything I just tossed all their letters back to them. Yap nothing happened to my credit bureau.
On 2014-09-17 09:11:15 by mahirap
Do not waste any single time money or effort in fighting a lost cause. Starpoint is a legal scam so just walk away with your money don't pay & cancel your chequing or credit card. That's all you can do no lawyer or Attorney General nor FBI will hear your plea I have tried no one will even dare waste their their time. Since last year that I was scammed by Starpoint I have made a promise to myself to share my experience on what happen so I get emails notifying me that someone got scammed again & it breaks my heart that this is the only real thing I can do because I tried every avenue of complain "IT'S NOT WORTH IT" Move on walk away don't pay don't be scared Starpoint in Canada is nothing. While on vacation we are all in a state of euphoria & we say yes to everything. Cancel anytime don't pay their promise of beauty, accommodation & savings are not true. "Service not as Described" Nothing happened to my credit bureau I can still apply for loan & get mortgage so Starpoint is nothing they don't have the capability to go after a consumer who was promised a piece of nothing I can't even call it garbage because it's NOTHING-worthless promises. They even said they have a resort in Whistler but I have to pay more everything business transacted with this company you need to pay more. The points they give out is worthless calculate the money u pay vs the pts it doesn't save us money & their resort is not even 3 stars so where is the special seat in a Superbowl game & preferred accommodation. Nope nothing
On 2014-09-22 08:35:28 by mahirap
Can't put them out of business because they have all legal document to operate I hope you're courageous enough just to walk away. I didn't pay them at all but they never reported any negative remarks in my Canadian Credit Bureau. I hope you don't waste yur money for nothing. Its a useless Timeshare if yur charging it to yur credit card just ask yur credit card company to renumber yur credit card or just close it. Pay yur bal with yur credit card & Timeshare can't go after you.
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I was scammed by Sapphire

On 9th of Jan, 2018 by Colorado kid
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Equiant Financial

On 25th of May, 2010
If you are making payments through Equiant Financial this is something you should know. They did not loan you any money. They just process payments for Geoholiday. So, if you want to stop paying on your timeshare the only people out money is GEOHOLIDAY!!!!!
Cancel your credit card, change your bank account, do what you need to do to stop payment. They will get they hint if people stop paying them. My lawyer said that was the best thing I did in this mess!!
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