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dog breeders-puppy mills

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Category:Pets & Animals
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Description:A group of caring and concerned people that have had personal experiences with dog breeders and puppy mills. our goal is to report, and hopefully have all puppy mills shut down. these puppy mill owners care only about the money, not the innocent animals. puppy mills are illegal and should not be allowed.
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Puppy Mills

On 8th of Sep, 2015 by Gracienoidette
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On 2015-09-08 08:14:19 by Gracienoidette
what is your plan of action to report these mills?
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Puppy Mills 2

On 21st of Jul, 2016 by Haresh Chaudhari
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On 2016-10-01 01:58:26 by dedevelopers
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Puppy Mils 2

On 1st of Oct, 2016 by dedevelopers
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