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anti - lsbf tution, london, uk

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Description:Hi guys, This is a group for anyone who is victim of london school of business and finance. lsbf. What issue/bad experience have u been through? please share here, facebook, tweeter, youtube... etc... How do you suggest other to sort out their issue? e. g refund... My story is simple. 1. I got offer for acca. 2. I paid whole tution fee £5760. 3 after that, they withdrew admission as I submit fraudulent personal statement. it was my mistake to submit wrong version. I explained and sent them my correct version ps, but no appeal. fine. advised to request my refund. * admission team had to check all my requirement before sent me offer letter and requested me to pay my fee. but it is stating here that they didnt check it carefully, or played a game here. send me offer letter, asked me pay ££ then withdrew... dont need care about my refund, it s long procedure set up for us to wait... they planed all. you can see that... the money can be used for other things for fews months, half year, years... they plan it all from the top manager of that tution. 10, 20..100, 1000 students face to this issue, then times how much money lsbf is holding from us... they put it n bank.. and spend for other business. etc... bastard!.. they dont care how it effect our lives... unfortunately for me, my mom got lung cancer, she has found out. and it cost so much money for all treatment, my dad is under so much pressure financially, my sister stop her dream to open her own restaurant as she spent her saving for my mom cancer treatment... and if I can get my money back, I will give it to my mom for her treatment, my dad will have less pressure about money, I can give my sister some of money to start for her dream... I hate them so much... I have stressful so much during my holiday. I woulld have enjoyed my time after 4 years seeing them. but this bullshit happened to me that destroy my whole holiday... everyone in my family go stress too because of this issue. lsbf I hate u How many student/ people are there suffering because of this tuition...??? 4. applied for refund since jan 2014... till end of april, it was confirmed to pay me £2010. ridiculous, I paid £5760. I want all my money. why just £2010.? 5. requested my bankdetails. ok. I gave them. but it has been a month, I havent received anything. their excuse is "it is with financial department, waiting for the date to be confirmed"... they are working with no reasonable time manner at all. 6. now I am waiting till june. as it is confirmed to me. if I dont receive my money on june. I ll start with legal action... * any one have good advice, please share!!!.. share yur story, ur story on fb, as k our friend o share it... on social media... lsbf have to be punished for what they did to us
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