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AMTC-Shine (Actors Models, and Talent for Christ) Taking Advantage of Good Hearted People

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Description:If are sick to your stomache from repeatedly witnessing good hearted folks and their children taken financial advantage of by Carey Arban and her family, please chime in. It is hopeful that God has had enough of their false humility and greed and is closing their operation down in 2018. AMTC's plan of action is to suck their alrday financially challenged past participants even dryer by fundraising (several GoFundMe fundraisers to go to their event) and willingly given of their time and talents to raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS to give to AMTC to continue operating (and keeping Carey and her clan living a posh lifestyle). It is on the AMTC Grads Facebook Group. Unfortunately, a family member was a participant and still believes the Arbans and Lewis' have the participants best interest at heart. I saw the Facebook group on his computer while he was posting. People are actually DONATING MONEY to what they truly believe is God lead instead of greed lead. Don't get me wrong. The idea of preparing talented people for the industry and setting it up for them to meet industry professionals is wonderful. If only that was the true and pure intent. Some do well. But the intent of the owners is all about their pocket book. I know first hand because I have heard directly from staff, including the head owner, of what they think of many of the participants and who to select even if they do not have talent as long as they can afford it. To keep it looking real, they do not accept those who are not talented AND do not have money. My intent? To expose the darkness so that the light TRUELY shines right on their comments being said behind closed doors at the conventions, staying in the Presdential Suite paid for by the participants hotel reservation money while they stay in simple hotel rooms at the Gaylord Palms Resort, their lure to get the VIP's to come and how they are paid different wages pending upon their clout in the industry, etc.
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