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UP wale

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

hello friends, i create this group to share health tips to each other.

Ashley Furniture ripoff

Users : 1, Furniture

What kind of cow sheds its skin ? An Ashley Furniture Cow. . How have they managed to misrepresent their so called leather furniture and sold it to undeserving customers for all these years and have gotten away with it. I think they have it timed to last as long as the one year warranty that comes with it. Then it sta...

Tee-Chip Shirts

Users : 1, Clothing, Shoes & Acc

I ordered a shirt with logo on it about the state I was from in the color pink. When I got the package there was 2 shirts in there and I was billed for 2 shirts. I tried one on and it was to small. I called Tee Chip and they said that they didn't have anything larger in the pink. They said they could give me large...

Crst Expedited/Malone/Truck Driving School

Users : 1, Education

This group is for serious inquiries only! If you want to stop CRST from scamming you or a loved one, then this is a group for you. We ALL need to stick together in order to shut this company down through legal means!

Carefour Hoover brand

Users : 1, Consumer Electronics

I was really convinced after buying a the Hoover brand from carefour after a salams advisor promoted it so much and told me they are the best hoovers around in the market. The Hoover was on offer and I total buyer into it. It had not only been 6 months and it overheats and stops working I use it only in the house for ...

Homestars Fraud

Users : 1, Building, Construction

To bring to the public the Homestars is all fraud and remove them from the internet, for both company and customers

WeblinkIndia Feedback & Review By Users

Users : 1, Business & Finances

In this group user can post their feedback , suggestion and reviews about WeblinkIndia company. It will help the other user in taking better decision. Share your honest reviews about the company in this group.. Do not use abusive language in your review.

Action against TBW Singapore

Users : 3, Business & Finances

Let us join hands and claim back our money from these Ang Moh scammers. We can pool resources and file a suit to claim back our money or file a police report jointly. If you are keen, leave your email address so that we can be in contact.


Users : 1, Travel & Vacations

http://gonavajotrails.com/ Ruined vacation - money stolen Paul Tohlakai, founder of Navajo Trails Just stolen

Anti - LSBF tution,London, UK

Users : 1, Education

Hi Guys, This is a group for anyone who is victim of London school of business and finance. LSBF. What issue/bad experience have u been through? Please share here, Facebook,Tweeter,Youtube...etc.... How do you suggest other to sort out their issue? e.g Refund... My story is simple. 1. I got offer for ACCA. 2....

silkroad pharmacy

Users : 1, Health & Beauty

Trying to resolve my order status!!

Scammed By Holsted / Fingerhut / Blair support group

Users : 1, Jewelry & Watches

This is a group for people to meet and coordinate legal matters who have been scammed by the Fingerhut / Holsted Jewelers mail-order ring scam!

About the supplier of nCrowd

Users : 1, Business & Finances

Hello there, We are the supplier of nCrowd,and have partnered with them for more than one year. nCrowd have owed us more than 100000 USD for more than two months want to know whether you have good idea to help us to recover arrears, I expect that you can participate in discussing.

SG TBW Victims

Users : 5, Business & Finances



Users : 3, Airlines

For ALL Unsatisfied Customers of Emirates Airlines. NEVER fly Emirates. Please join & LIKE our page: www.facebook.com/emirates.unsatisfied.customers Twitter: EmiratesUC

Finding Stephan Schurman , Shuman Drama Club

Users : 1, Business & Finances

We are collecting all the information to find International Con Man Stephan Schurmann and all his fake companies. Do you know anything about him? Send us a list of the companies you know about! Tell us your story! Lets keep the pressure up on him and bring him down!

Suitelife Members

Users : 13, Travel & Vacations

Suitelife Members who wish to get together and stop this ridiculous Special Assessment Fee.

The Nodding Turtle (www.thenoddingturtle.com)

Users : 1, Food

Anyone else have complaints about their food being "organic"? They're not organic and they're certainly not unprocessed and hand harvested like they say. Oh man they were awful!

Alert knowledge Services Fraud Sarvesh

Users : 1, Internet Services

Servesh Kamra is fraud person. don't take any services from him. at the time of payment he will make execuses and will be hiding here and there like a poor kid.

Savannah Bad Breeders

Users : 2, Pets & Animals

This group will have all NONE REPUTABLE breeders listed with all complains people has against the breeder.

We have suffered

Users : 1, Home & Garden

We are Secure Core a Semi-Government Body in-charge of employee services and assistance. We help employees within the UAE get their rights fulfilled and their dues delivered. We are the face of employees within the UAE and we takecare of all the hassles. We insure people are treated like people and protect them f...

Dog Breeders-Puppy Mills

Users : 2, Pets & Animals

A group of caring and concerned people that have had personal experiences with dog breeders and puppy mills. Our goal is to report, and hopefully have all puppy mills shut down. These puppy mill owners care only about the money, not the innocent animals. Puppy mills are illegal and should not be allowed.

Craigs List Buyer Check Frauds

Users : 1, Business & Finances

If you are selling anthing on Craig's List, Ebay or any other seller's site beware of those who want to send you checks for over the amount of the item. The differences are usually huge, the checks are drawn on someone else's account, and they are usually out of state in a different area code. I recently...

Victims Of Fraud Job Offer

Users : 4, Business & Finances

Dear Frients, This is a group of members cheated by Shining Your Career/Shining my Career or like these consultancy servises. These consultancy services cheats by gigivng fraud job opportunities. Let us come together to get a solution on it. Join me on group or contact me 09921358691. mail-deepakpaigude@rediffmail.com ...

Victims Of Selene Finance

Users : 2, Business & Finances

Are you a victim of Selene Finance? Now all victims can now have a voice. http://thevictimsofselenefinance.org/

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How to Spend Your Tax Refund
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