[Resolved] Greyhound Bus Station, Indianapolisservice for greyhound oct.12_19th


On October 12my husband and my self brought round trip tickets to Phoenix AZ. Leaving for a funeral and departing at 3:55 the bus we were suppose to board broke down not that we were told this after asking several times then we were told, I had paid for our hotel room ahead of time we were suppose to get to Oz. on the 13th after 5am and still no bus I ask for a refund and told them I had death in the family and needed to get to AZ. I was rudely refused, finaly put us on a Trailways bus which was very uncomfortable and by this time my husband who has dementia was getting upset. as we are traveling I realize we wont get there until the 14th a whole day we wont be using our hotel rm. plus transfer onto another bus in Albuquerque and get back on the road my husband tried to use the restroom there was no light and urine was all over everything getting his had wet, of course he was highly upset told the bus driver he informed us that it couldn't be fixed until phoenix after all that he had to hold his urine when we got to the next stop he was unable to go and was having stomach pain from it as if that wasn't bad enough a bottle of urine rolls down the floor in front of us we he picked it the bottle was half full with pee.. very nasty and unsanitary. I have written out a complaint in Albuquerque also. I'm asking for a refund of our tickets and one night for our hotel also I need someone to contact me at [protected] leave a message if no answer or [protected] cell your employees are very rude and I feel like your bus all should be serviced you are charging high prices for very poor service, yes I'm very angry and I will not let this go Cheryl troutman

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