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When we signed on the dotted line, we didn't know that it was in blood and we did not know that we were selling our souls to the devil himsel[censored] green tree is the worst mortgage company is the world, the people that work there have no soul and are heartless parasites!! I had a high risk pregnancy and couldn't work, my husband got a second job and was working 7 days a week, we got 12 a month behind and we were being harassed 4-5 days a week. We told them what was happening and they told us that we have a written contract with them and that they will repo our home if we don't pay them in full!!! let me tell you that it is worth 7000$ and by the time we are done paying on it, we will have paid $40,000 so not only are we being raped, we are being threatened on top of it!!! I think that not only in montana, but every other state that has a green tree office should close them down!!! They should not be able to treat people like this and get away with it. there are enough people that have had bad experiences with them that something should be able to be done. they are cheats, liars and they are no better then child molesters or any other predator out there!!! Ready to blow my cork, in montana.


  • Ke
    Kenneth Horn Feb 29, 2008

    I got one month and almost to the second month behind on my trailor house payment, because my payment went from $320 a month to $540 a month because at the time i made the loan i didnt understand i was signing an aggrement with fluxuating intrest. one time before i started getting behind on my payments greentree called me 10 days before my payment was due and wanted to know what my intentions was...i ask them am i behind on my payments or something ? they said NO that its route for them to call and ask people that question. i couldnt believe it!!!anyways i was on my second month to being late 2 months when a lady from greentree calls and tells me they need last months payment within 5 days, i ask for 2 weeks and the lady said they couldnt do that, well i told her that was the best i could do, and to my disbeleif she told me she wanted me out of the trailer house by the next morning. i told her that she couldnt do that she said she could , so i ask her when they would be out to get the trailer off my property she said she didnt know, so i told her to call me the day before they come and get it and id move out before they get there. 2 hrs later another person from greentree called wanting to know about my payment and i told her about what had happened and told her the persons name that had called, she told me that wasnt that womans place to even be talking to me that she worked in different department. but i think the way Greentree talks to people that you are right....They should be audited on their conversations with customers and their tactics they use. JUST A BUNCH OF LEGAL CROOKS far as im concerned.

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  • Vi
    Vickie Bentley Apr 19, 2008

    My husband got layed off on his job and we are a month behind keep calling saying things like ok thats it sorry that we are going to have to to put you on the list to be repo, I dont even answer the phone any more my husband is now going back to work making 5, 000 week and we will catch up next week i even told them that in my letter i will pay the rest next payment
    My husband works construction and gets laid off all the time and we bounce right back. Green tree over charges and they will get caught one day like concio did and have to pay back money.

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  • Ca
    carol Oct 31, 2008

    Greentree Financial as been my mortgage company for 14 years. After having been divorced 4 years into the loan and raising children as a single mother, I have made payments late frequently. Greentree has been continually harassing. To the extreme.
    I have had clients of mine called and harassed causing me to lose accounts, I have had my children told to pack their clothes because of their mothers worthlessness they were going to be homeless, I have had neighbors called and asked to deliver notes to me, I have had family members called and questioned about my worthlessness in paying my bills, my tenants have been called squatters and asked to make good on a loan that is not in their name and are constantly harassed, and actually had my home broken into and all my possessions moved to my deck. My neighbor called me and then went over to see who was at my home only to have the people hurriedly drive away, however, he was unable to get a license plate number. When Greentree called an hour later to gloat and ask how I "liked" those events they acknowledged being responsible. I filed a police report but w/o a number and anything to concretely tie Greentree to the crime, the police were unable to proceed.
    I am having difficulty finding legal representation to help with this as I cannot afford an attorney, and am wondering about any class action suits that may be in the works.
    The representatives calling from Greentree are rude, malicious, derogatory and counter productive to their own goals. I have been ridiculed, told that it is understandable that I was divorced, that I am lying, and the suggestion made that I get money the best way I can. A few years ago I was told by a representative of Greentrees that I was late on my January payment on December 12. What? I have complained to my states Attorney Generals office and am waiting to hear, again, what can be done if anything.

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  • Ag
    agenie2 Nov 30, 2008

    GREEENTREE has the record of the Worse Finance Company that I have EVER Tried to work with. THEY DO NOT NEGOTIATE with their Customers and would rather sell your home Off to Strangers for pennies on the dollar THEN BILL BACK TO YOU THE BALANCE before changing terms for a mutually win-win transaction. VERY RUDE, VERY INCONSIDERATE and NOT THE KIND OF FOLKS THAT I'LL DO BUSINESS WITH AGAIN (Once I break free from their Credit Card double digit Interest Rates)!!!

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  • Bu
    BURNT IN TEXAS Aug 07, 2009

    I just returned from the Texas Consumer Credit Commissioner's office. They told me to fill out complaint forms against Greentree with them and the Federal Trade Commission. They told me to tweet, twit, bleep and blog every way possible to let people know what is going on. The phone number for the Texas office is 512-936-7600 or 1 800-538-1579. The Federal Trade Commission phone number is 1-877-382-4357. FTC web site is There is a site that MSNBC has that accepts complaints. Let's all hit it and see what happens. Each state has their own credit commissioner. The paper is only 1 page. Write a cover letter to send with the complaint to explain. Make some noise people. I AM!!! If your issue also contains problems with CIT, which mine are, their phone number is 1-800-621-1433. and they are out of bankruptcy now so they can collect our money without having to pay their creditors. The mailing address for the FTC is: FTC, 240600 Pennsvlvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20580. My loan was ready to go to closing and Green Tree refuses to bring lien paper with state of Texas current thereby not allowing any paper work to proceed. It is stymeed right there according to the Exe Director of the Texas Manufactured Housing.

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  • Je
    Jesseeas8 Feb 03, 2010

    I will like to tell everyone to send your complaints to Department of Bank and Finance and as well send all complaints to [email protected]

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  • Sv
    SValasic Oct 11, 2010

    Green Tree took two payments from my checking account and then denied doing it...saying they only took one. Sure raised cane with checks bouncin g all over the place. They eventually returned one payment, a year later and still denied that they took it out. Then...lately, two days after my due date and the check is in the mail, the harassing calls begin. Well...unfortunately, as a Vietnam Veteran, who should not be amoungst the living, let alone dealing with green tree, my hackles are raised now. The old song...time is on my true, always is always will be. Just love turning those blood sucking animals in yelling screaming fools...make sure you record them for future class action suits...those are in the works and be sure to get on any class action suit you can against green tree. Anyhow, then call back that guy/so called female and play back them yelling and screaming. lol You might have to unplug your ringer, but keep the answering part on and have fun. If you owe and are doing your honest best to keep your end up...then to heck with them...they are dick cheney's, gw bush predatory capitalist of the world and one must fight fire with fire, there days of making you pay 150, 000 for a 50, 000 loan are over.

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  • Jo
    JoeSD Mar 26, 2011

    March 26, 2011
    I have a 2nd Mortgage, serviced by Bank of America Home Loans (they obtained it when BoA bought Countrywide). Bank of America has moved the loan to another subsidiary, called Green Tree Servicing as of March 1, 2011. (How many subsidiaries does a bank need to manipulate money?)

    A letter from Bank of America, Feb 7, 2011; informing me of this did not include a new loan number and said Green Tree will be contacting me with new information.

    The payment was due on March 1... I had yet to receive a statement from Green Tree. I called an 800 number around March 10; the representative said the loan was still in transition between the 2 banks; and not to make a payment until I received a statement and letter from Green Tree. I was also told not to worry about any late charges for the first 60 days as they understand the confusion that can be caused by transferring loans. And when I receive a statement, it would have both March and April totals due.

    I finally received a letter from Green Tree dated March 13 2011; with some information about the transfer and a statement will arrive within the next 25 days.

    I finally got not 1, but 2 statements. One for March with the amount due and the second statement with combination of March and April, just like the person told me. I though great, I'll make the one payment in April.

    I have now been getting harassing phone calls from Green Tree on the March payment being late.. When I talked to the representative from Green Tree and told her what took place and I had talked to another representative, she was rude and obnoxious about me not making my payments (I’ve never have missed a payment). I told her to stop the harassment and she respond “so you like yelling at people?”. Green Tree can go **** themselves.

    I did not ask for my loan to be moved. Bank of America chose to do it. I do not appreciate the untimely communications from this entity; and harassing me because of their slowness to properly bill in a timely matter.
    If you deal with Green Tree … RUN

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  • I am yet another Bank of America mortgage customer that had my loan servicing transferred to Green Tree Servicing last month. I've found everything written online regarding them to be completely true and I have only been subjected to working with this company for one month so far. Without a doubt, Green Tree Servicing is the most incompetent consumer scam out there. I am convinced that Green Tree Servicing consists of one clown running the business out of his mother's basement. This sham cannot be a real business. Even the smallest business nowadays offers a way to pay your bill on line. Green Tree Servicing has no provision to pay online or by telephone without using an outside moneygram service that charges a $12.00 "conviennce" (sic)(Green Tree Website) fee. What kind of financial servicing business does not have the ability to process its own ACH payments? If Green Tree Servicing's business financial rating is so low that no bank will even allow them to process payments, they ought to at least signup for a PayPal account so they can accept on line payments from customers.

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  • Mi
    MisterMan Apr 06, 2011

    I walked away from my mortgage with GreenTree. I changed my phone numbers and never left a forwarding address. Best feeling in the world. Seriously...if your mortgage ever ends up in their hands, good luck because you are going to need it. If you lack the ability to refinance with another bank, your mortgage has basically reached the deadest end it can ever end up in. You are basically better walking away and saving your sanity than dealing with their BS.

    When the day comes that I'm eligible for another mortage, I will make sure it's with a bank that keeps their mortgages...or at least has a clause in the contract that says they can never sell it to a "Servicer that does not refinance."

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  • De
    destressed homeowner May 18, 2011

    After dealing with GreenTree for the past two years and being told lie after lie after lie. I would rather deal with Satan himself, might actually make progress if you could make it to the top dog who has to be just plain evil!!!

    As Homeowners that they have destroyed our credit, lost our homes, harassed, lied to, caused emotional trama, etc. there should be something done to shut this company down and all the share holders who are profiting off owners trying to survive this economic hardship.

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  • Bo
    BoA2Greentree Jun 24, 2011

    Same situation as above, second mortgage got transferred to Greentree but didn't get the new account information until well into the next billing cycle. Been getting calls ever since... I've read all the horror stories and I'm so incredibly disappointed in Bank of America chooses to hand over good customers to such a terrible company. Shame on Greentree for being so terrible, but shame on Bank of America as well. Why they would want to have their name turn up on searches for Greentree is beyond me as it seems that being associated with this company in any way is a sure fire way to lose business.

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  • Sv
    SValasic Jan 06, 2012

    Green Tree makes mafia style loan sharking look enticing. Green Tree is soon going to get a taste of it's own medicine. When they harass you...harass them back. They threaten you...make sure you are taping their conversations, whether it is legal in your state or not...but above all get them recorded and let your attorney hear them. Look at the interest they are charging you...No one has the right to do what they are doing. Pay back is coming to those evil trolls.

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  • Ma
    MarieEP Jan 28, 2012

    All of us should find a way to get together and do something about this crazyness. Let take greentree down as a group.

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  • Sa
    sambech Mar 13, 2012

    I agree Green Tree is all what i am reading on them, i am not behide yet but trying to get that help on keeping my place but there saying doing all what your all are saying, Wondering if they are getting gov help HOW are they getting gov help. Who getting it ? Howw are they keep those working for them paid,

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  • Sv
    SValasic Mar 13, 2012

    When you try to get one of those mealy mouthed low lifes service reps from green have them to tell you where their physical address is at in zulu town. They shuck and jive...but like all cowards... As soon as I get their physical addresses in Missoula, I will share it with you, along with all the people who work there their home phone #'s and any and everything else.
    My favorite, is when they call and ask my intentions about the place I have...and because I have a bankruptsy in my past, they use that as an excuse for the call. Never mind that green tree has been under financial discord, bankruptsies and re-organizing and even as I type...they are having financial problems. But I always tell that clown about green trees financial past and that I am in the process finding a way to sue them...then I laugh at that slug and hang up on the clown. They can't hurt me anymore than they already have...and I survived.

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  • Ar
    armyvetUSA Oct 11, 2012

    In 1980 I was in the Army stationed in Fort Lewis, Washington. I purchased a mobile through Green Tree Acceptance with a VA guaranteed loan. Within one year of the purchase I started receiving notices from Green Tree stating that they had not received a certain month's payment. I sent them a copy of that check only to receive another letter saying that they were sorry, it wasn't that month, it was the following month. That went on for four months. Several months later I was transferred to Germany. Several months after that, my payments being payed through Government allotment, the same thing reoccurred. I went to JAG. JAG forwarded a letter stating that payments had been made, and to stop the harassment. Approximately two months later I received notice from Green Tree that if I did not pay the balance of my mortgage within 30 days my property would be repossessed, due to the fact that I was not living in the house and it was not in their best interest to continue with the agreement. After further research from Germany I found out the property had already been repossessed from the mobile home park prior to the 30 days. According to the mobile home park and the Tacoma VA office it was perfectly legal. Now, 30 years later, the VA has decided I owe them 7, 000 dollars for the loan plus and additional 4, 000 in interest. Vultures preying on Veterans.

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