Green PathGreen Path Is A Scam


Green Path is a complete and honest non profit scam! Green path is ran by the same companies that you owe money too... yes the credit card industry. Next time you look at what your paying to green path on a monthly basis, multiply that number by the total number of years your in the green path scam program. I assure you that your going to be paying quite a bit more that you should be! I work with clients all the time who fall victim to this program.

Here at 800 zero debt we get constant flow of clients from green path because they realize that they are being ripped off as well as the "DMP" Debt Management Program mark of death on their credit report.

If you want to actually cut your debt by up to 55%, be out of debt in 2 to 3 years, and significantly lower your monthly payments in the process, call me now!

Aaron McCloud

Certified debt specialist [protected]

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