Grecoproperty damage check

R Sep 12, 2018

August 13, 2000 and18, 000 baht and I accident where I was hit by a Nother driver that driver did not have insurance to Geico them picked up the claim I took about two weeks to do that they picked up my car I got snaps into a collision place down for me that in order for me to get my property damage check I would have to bring them by title I brought them a title they didn't inform me that they can give me direct apposite just to give them a couple hours to clear. A couple hours passed and it was not cleared I'm never got it I think Cara guy called back and was informed that they do not do direct direct deposit that they do it via Bank of America and I would have to wait on the link I was then sent A link four days after thatOnce I got the link the link did not work I didn't call Geico Geico tell me that I had to call Bank of America because there was a technical issue bank of America tell me that I had to call Geico that was probably the wrong link I think on my chest or back my chest room for me that I should just wait another seven days for a paper check to be mailed out I told her that I did not want to wait they didn't tell me that I can have my other adjuster write out a check and I would have to come pick it up the next day so the next day I canceled everything I had to do one sport I was on my way to pick up my check I was then informed that I have to wait up to three days for my a payment to be canceled I am at a loss with Geico this is the worst service I've ever had in my life

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