Greater CoastalApartment Scam against the lower class


My name is Damien Lewis and I am a single hard working father of 2. I pay child support on a regular and I spend lots of time with my kids. I recently applied for an apartment with Northland Woods in Houston Texas and I went through the application process. I was assisted by a Latasha Goldsmith and I talked to her over 6 times before I even applied for the apartment. I have never had my own apartment before and she explained to me that I was eligible for the apartment and to obtain all of my check stubs for the year of 2012 to see if I met the criteria to become an applicant at the apartments. I asked what I needed being this was my first time getting an apartment. She informed me that I needed $21 application fee and a $250 deposit and to put in one money order. I let her know that I did not want to move in until July 28th, 2012 but she was insisting I pay in the total of $271 before she can look at my application.

So I complied.

I filled out a packet that asked me numerous questions as I filled it out she would insist that I sign in certain areas. I informed her of everything about me to my knowledge. In my younger years I had a small marijuana case, but I did 10 days in jail. Time served. Since then I was not aware of any criminal record or run in with the law. I have maintained a steady job, raised my kids and I have been an asset in helping my parents.

Ms. Goldsmith was extremely nice to me and she gladly took my money order. I did not understand why she needed the deposit 6/29/2012 and I was not moving until July 28th, 2012, but she said she needed my money.

On the next day she called me and said I was denied due to the misdemeanor I had gotten in 2004. So I asked if I may pick up my deposit to try and find me and my kids another apartment. She told me NO that I falsified my application. I asked how is it that I falsified my application if I was told that once time served it would be off my record. It wasnt like I killed anyone. She at that point was very rude and said no I was just going to have to take the $271 lost.

I feel like that is an unethical business transaction, because “Why in the first place she needed my deposit so soon?” and “How am I supposed to be able to take an almost $300 dollar lost for something I did not even know was on my record. Help me understand. Why did she even take my deposit 27 days before I wanted to move in. If this has happened to several other low income individuals how are we suppose to make it in this world. Imagine if I got treated like that by 4 other apartments would be out of almost $1100 this was my first time ever applying for an apartment. What can I do to get my money back from this rip off business establishment? Please help me!

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