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[Resolved] I was a security guard

This is the biggest scam and one of the best fronts I have ever seen. Never work for theses guys or hire them. They have people in every area to make iy look real. I went to the labor board on theses guys a year ago and I havent heard anything since and I think thats cause the covered there ass so well that the labor board doesnt even know who I worked for. And I never got payed but I met that jim vretroz mother [censored]er in el dorado hills, I think thats where he lives.

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    They threatend me with the police and i just want this taken down


This company is a complete joke, all the of the other reviews are completely true I have been working for this company for almost a month and I still haven't gotten my first pay stub. I wish I would have seen these comments before I started working for them either way I think im going to have to go to the labor boards and possibly take these guys to court. Doooo not work for these guys!!!

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    Jman456 Dec 11, 2018

    Everthing this comment is saying is very true. I had the same experience and i went to the labor boards over a year ago and i have no response yet. I think thats cause its a very very good front and they keep changing location like a ip address on the dark web. But i got a personal check from jim vretoz and i turned it in to the labor board, so for all of us who have been skrewed i hope that gets him.

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AFter meeting there supervisor at site thats not safe really and seeing the supervisor out of uniform I would not hire this company or work for them period the security shirt he had on was joke and not even allowed to wear in the field he was telling people or new hires that he is workin swing and no one will take the shift from me very unprofessional and the company that was there before lost the account cause officer was smoking and drinking while on duty the guy has been there for almost weeks and no uniform that seems odd to me becareful who u apply to check it all out before applying

liar/ no job

I had phone interview with the company last week the owner is liar and has no time to call people back he said he had this new account going for today I dont even think he ever got the account i think the company is scam and pretends to aposts ads on craigslist the guy never calls u back I have talked to them before becareful when applying to the company he might have license but I dont think he has any accounts