Great American Life Insurance Co.Scam and cheating!

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I had a supplement policy with this company, But changed to a medicare HMO in 01/2007. I called great American to cancel policy and also mailed a letter telling them to cancel my policy on 01/10/2007. They failed to acknowledge my cancellation letter and continued to draft my personal bank account without my written consent.

I finally had to contact the bank and have a stop payment put on my account. I also got a explanation of benefits letter from great american showing denied for claims, 01/12/2007 thur 03/22/2007 because I am a member of a medicare HMO. This company did everything illegal to keep me from canceling my policy so they could continue draft my personal bank account without consent to do so.

Now that wont refund 745.00.


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    mounds68 Aug 24, 2019

    I paid my premium monthly for 18 years on a 30 year term policy. I changed my bank account and called them, and was told not to worry until the next month the payment for May was already taken out. I received a notice of cancellation June 7th. I called back and asked them how this happened, and was told I could get a reinstatement packet sent out and it could be reviewed within 30 days, but no guarantee of reinstatement policy had been cancelled. GALIC took my premium every month for all those years for a $500, 000 policy, and didn't bat an eye to cancel, even though they admit I called. They say it must have been a bank routing error. And now I am left without a policy, and they make 100% profit plus interest. Great company.

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