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I ordered a pair of sunglasses from their website last year around June time. After sending loads of emails they finally replied and told me sorry my emails were going to their spam folder and that they are not in stock. This is unacceptable for a company to steal from hard working people. They are still not in stock and the emails have now stopped. So I'm going to take legal action. It is nearly over 12 months since I paid £100 for these and I still don't have any sunglasses. I bought them especially for a holiday I had coming up LAST YEAR! This place is ridiculous!!! NEVER EVER ORDER FROM HERE !!!

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    Tom JEN Jun 28, 2019

    Are you sure the glasses aren't just on top of your head? Sometimes I make that mistake. It's very embarrassing once I realise.

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  • Ha
    Hannah Farleigh Jul 01, 2019

    @Tom JEN Yeah your hilarious. Stupid man.

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    Tom JEN Jul 08, 2019

    Hey, just trying to help! I take it they weren't on your head.

    Is your vision a little darker than it should be? They might actually, believe it or not, still be on your face.

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product paid for and ordered and not supplied yet

I firstly ordered frames from Granoptic in August 2018, paid on 20 August and no delivery was made. Eventually Martina did contact me via the website contact form to let me know...

Gran Opticproduct not received, cancelled order but not yet refunded

Ordered sunglasses. Purchase number 601852 for oakley frogskins.

3/7/18 placed order.

5/7/18 payment taken 83.00€

20/7/18 I cancelled as it wasn't received - and it was not shipped.

Have written emails about 10 times with only 2 responses. No action. No refund.

It has been more than 4 months now I am waiting.

I can't find a phone number that works.

sunglasses buy

Made the purchase bellow in June and never received the glasses reimburse and the company is not answering to my emails. First they told me the item was out of stock and after a couple of months I asked for the reimburse and they said ok and never answered to my emails again.


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sunglasses buy

order 616627 / ray-ban outdoorsman paid but never received.

On 1 October i ordered a Ray-Ban Outdoorsman, it was paid, but never send. The order status says: #616627 [protected]:11:24 In process - With manufacturer Bank-Transfer...

fossil glasses

On the 26/09/2018 l purchased, on-line, a pair of Fossil glasses for my son who had broken his current pair. the money was debited from my account but l am still waiting to...

order placed online and never received

611577 Order number #616285 Blaze clubmaster raybans was placed online on September 24th and never received. Paid in full same day. I have tried to contact them via email at...

order number: #615041 (polaroid pld 6042/s)

I order the following item on GranOptic on October 10th, 2018. It's September 18th . No update on the product. I have sent them numerous email and no reply. Complete fraud. I...


I ordered at 30/05 Ray-Ban® RX7074, order number is #595125. They immediately took the money but the order was not shipped. After a while I contacted them and got information that the frame is not available and it will be after four weeks. I changed the frame for another one also Ray-Ban® RX7047 but Matte trasp grey and paid additional 3.10 GBP. They said that it will last the same. Order number is #605678. It was 20/07/2018. At 11/09/2018 I contacted them to say that I can't wait any more and that I would make final change to OAKLEY RX TRILLBE X OX8130, because the frame is available, as stated on the site. After a week they respon that they are busy. Since than I have been sending a lot of mails but nothing. Finally I asked from them to refund the money and they of course didn't replay. Worst service ever. How can legal shop take the funds and cheat without any consequences? The site is still active and the shop is working. I lost 64.40 GBP. Can someone regulate this finally or they will have just bad review. This is EU, right?

Director is:


payment was still not returned

I made an order in June, order number 595965, sunglasses, after 1 month they said they still didnt have the product to send me, they asked if i wanted to wait one more month i waited and nothing, so after 2 months i cancelled my order, and asked my money back, we are already in October and i stll didnt get my money and i dont get answers to my emails.

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    DeeBode Oct 12, 2018

    Have you heard back from them yet?
    I ordered in September and have still no response from them despite emailing them several times to check the status. I'm wondering if I should just cancel my order at this point.

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  • Ma
    MarciaDuarte Oct 12, 2018

    @DeeBode They dont answer to any of my emails for months, now they have the chat off .
    I cant reach them.

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tom ford ft0649 - sunglasses

I ordered the glasses on 31/8/2018. The order should've arrived in 7 business days. If it's not in stock it arrives in 16 business days according to the website. A whole month passed and the order is still in process. This is absolutely ridiculous. I contacted the website and they said that the supplier is having problems. That's their problem not mine. This is frustrating and unprofessional. It destroys the trust and reputation of the company. I demand a refund. Unsatisfactory service!

money refund

If you lost your money ordering sunglasses in Granoptic and you paid using your debit card, please contact your Bank to complain. Provide the Bank any information, document...

Ray Bans

Order no. 604340 14th July 2018 Ordered a pair of RaybanHexagonal RB3548N › 001/57 GOLD Sunglasses. They have taken payment of £108.86 but nothing received, its been 10 weeks so...

order not received - no response to numerous emails!!

I placed an order with Granoptic on Monday 25th June 2018 - Please see order details below: From: GranOptic To: [protected] Sent: Monday, 25 June 2018...

order not arrived 609947

My mother ordered Rayban at end of July (609947), and I ordered D&G mid July, neither had arrived by 24th August so I sent numerous emails, finally got a response and they cancelled and refunded me for the D&G. They then assured us the Raybans had been held up and would be with us by 7th September, no glasses and no contact. I sent them 12 emails in the past 24 hours, my mother is now having to open a case with the Credit Card Company.

DISGUSTING SERVICE!!! I have used Gran Optic about 7 times in the past and they were faultless, what the hell has happened now???

non delivery of prescription glasses

Order placed for two pairs of Oakley frames with prescription lenses on 10th August 2018, still have not received them and all attempts to contact the company have failed.
Have sent numerous emails without reply and the UK contact number tells you the opening hours and email address then cuts you off.
If this company is still trading they need to be prosecuted.

sunglasses have not been delivered and i'd like a refund

Order #610741

Ordered sunglasses on 13/08/2018 and the order status has been stuck on " In process - With manufacturer " since 17/08.

I have contacted the company but have received NO response AT ALL. This is unaceptable. How could you treat a costumer like this?

Would like a full refund and to cancel my order.

Thanks in advance.
Maria Fontes

not rec'd my glasses

I ordered sun glasses from this company 17 July 2018. Still not rec'd item and unable to get any contact with this company. Order no. 605205. Tried to request a refund but still...

glasses not yet reimbursed after several months

I ordered glasses Oakley on 13th June with Granoptic order number 598367, for a price of 99, 95 euros Paris by bank transfer on June 18th from my bank SOCIÉTÉ GENERALE to Areica...

no refund of monies owed

No refund of :- 1. a set of frames noe sent but charged for 2. Refund of fraames not kept total owing £443.05.Numerious emails and correspondence since March 2018.Last email sent to Maria info.[protected] on the 06.07.18 we have full history of postage receipts and emails if we do not have our money refunded we will have to resort to other agencies and mediums for hel

goods and refund not received.

I ordered as pair of Ray Ban sunglasses on 28/05/2018 paying £77.76. Having not received the order after 2 months I made contact via online chat and was told the supplier no...

item not received/no communication

I purchased my sunglasses on 17/7/18, and I have still not received my order. I have emailed numerous times, and have not received any contact back. I have tried to use the online...

Gran Optic — ray ban sunglasses

I ordered 2 pairs of ray bans on 31st july. And paid for them. You sent confirmation of order 2 days later. Since then I have emailed you seven times - no reply. What is going...

glasses haven’t arrived

I ordered a pair of Oakley frames for my son on 5th July from Granoptic I had ordered from their website which looks very professional I received immediate response to order and...

5 weeks and still no glasses or contact

I ordered glasses 5 weeks ago (order number 600771).
I've not been given a delivery date, I've not been able to contact anyone about the glasses, the phone number is automated and cuts off, and the online chat is ALWAYS busy. I've emailed at least 3 times. Where are my glasses, or a refund? This is absolutely awful service. I have paid £117 and have got nothing to show for it.

no response to my email on sending wrong product

Ordered a pair of glasses on Jul 13 for size 53 16 140, however the pair I received is 51 16 140. Wrote an email within 48 hours to GranOptic (as suggested on their website) for a product refund since it will be too late to wait for them to send a correct pair to me.

However I still have not received any response so far, it as been over a week. And the "chat online" option does not work, there are no one there to answer your questions!!!


I ordered sunglasses on the 5th of July, it was supposed to arrive within the next few days - so on time for my Boyfriend birthday!!
After 2 weeks though no sign of the sunglasses. As a result I asked for a refund and customer service told me they would do so. But now I have been chasing them every single day and did not get any refund. The 14 days policy is over. This website should be shut down. It's scandalous.

product not received, no update on delivery date

Order placed on 9 July for one pair of glasses frames. Payment taken immediately. Confirmation email received immediately. However, since then, not one peep from GranOptic regarding a potential delivery date and no response to three emails (2 from the website, one directly to their Info email address). Chat online is unavailable, not even visible from their website. I suspect a scam.

placed order on 28th may for sunglasses. payment taken in full and goods not received

611577 I ordered a pair of RayBan Sunglasses RB3498 online from www.GranOptic .com on 28th May 2018 - Order Number 594805. Payment of £105.00 was made using my debit card and has been...

online order to have not been deliver despite payment in full

Order number 587725 Prescription glasses ordered 24/4 18 not delivered so cancelled by online chat on the 28/5/18. Told I would receive a full refund in the next few days Still...

sun glasses

I purchased a pair of prada sunglasses on the 19/5/2018 cost €161.40 I have no contact with Granoptic tried numerous ways of contacting them to no reply I don't know what to do...

sunglasses order 592621

No response to emails, no reply to the online help and I am unable to get through on the phone - voicemail telling me to email or access on line help... neither of these have been...


My ref is 593282 ...Hi I'd like to put in a complaint about me not getting my refund .since the 21st of May I have sent numerous e-mails with a constant excuse..I've he is talking...


This company should not be trading and is scamming its customers. I have the same problem with other customer complaints regarding my refund . I ordered sunglasses, paid and...


I'm disappointed with them. They said my order will arrive within 2 weeks, but it's been 2... Months and there's no sign of my order. Of course, I contacted their customer care...