Grande Pririe Chryslers Dodge Jeep RAMI am making a complaint about the treatment we received from the sales manager

L Oct 31, 2018
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Good afternoon my name is Lena Mogrovejo, I live in Grande Prairie, Alberta. I have a complaint to make, on October 16 we went to Grande Prairie Chrysler located at 11448 Westgate Dr, Grande Prairie, AB T8V 8L2 to buy a vehicle, initially we chose a 2017 Jeep, when they called us so that we could sign the papers my husband asked if the car had been hit at any point and it turned out that it had so we decided to see another car. Our next option was a 2019 Jeep with 0kms, everything was going well until I noticed that the vehicle had a scratch; the salesman said it was something superficial and that it could be fixed overnight so we left everything for the the next day. We returned and signed the contract but when they brought out the car we saw that the car not only had that line we saw before but many other scratches from the "work" that they did on it. A new car worth $ 53, 000 was now all scratched up, at this point my husband asked to stop the purchase, because he was not satisfied with the vehicle. The salesman called the Manager and the very kind Manager apologized. He said he would give us $500 to buy spare parts or things like that but my husband explained that we did not want $500 that he wanted a new car without scratches. We were not going to make monthly payments of over $700 for 9 years for a vehicle we were not satisfied with. The Manager then said: "we will send the car to get polished, if you come back to see the car and you are not satisfied we will replace the vehicle with a new one" he asked us to give him 5 days to solve the problem, so we gave it to them.

5 days later my husband calls the dealer and they say that the car is ready to be picked up. My husband was working so I went to pick it up and noticed that the car was more scratched after being "polished" then it was before. I told the seller that we definitely do not want that car and that they bring us the new one they offered. A different Manager came out this time, apparently the Sales Manager, and very arrogantly tells me "I cannot do anything you signed for this car, so that car is yours". I cannot even begin to describe the anger and helplessness I felt hearing this Manager tell me with all the brazenness of the world that they basically want to steal $53, 000. Because that, excuse me, is stealing. I explained that they offered to bring me a new car if I was not happy with it and he told me "the papers were sent to the bank, you would have to go to the bank and reach an agreement with them on selling this vehicle". How could they knowing that we were dissatisfied with the sale and that things were still in the air send the papers to the bank? If were were not satisfied they would have had to change the vehicle information on the paperwork.

I left because I could not handle being made a fool of and seeing the lack of ethics and professionalism the Managers at this dealership have. I returned the next day and nobody wanted to face it, they sent another sales manager to tell me "this is your car you can take it whenever you want" I explained that this car is not mine, that this was not what I was guaranteed and he answered "too bad, you signed for that car". I told him that I would rather lose my credit than pay 1 dollar for that car. The salesman that was working with me arrived at this point I'm crying, I was so frustrated seeing the arrogance that I was treated with. I told him and I repeat "what they are doing here is dishonest, unethical, a Manager gave us his word that they would bring a new car and now management tell us: don't [censored] around because you already signed for that car". My husband arrived half an hour later after working 19 consecutive hours to try to solve a problem that should not have even been there and the same arrogant Manager told him that we already signed for that car and that we have to take it. My husband explained the whole story, again, and he said "Okay, I'll bring you a new car but you have to pay for shipping". What? really? And not only that, he told us that he could go and park the car at the door of our house because we had already signed for it! (I have the whole conversation recorded). My husband, in order to reach an agreement, told him that he had another idea, that we choose another car from their lot and the manager agreed but said that we had to do it right away, we had 15 min to choose a used car, so we picked a BMW. After all this we went home because at this point my husband hadn't slept about 21 hours. In the evening we returned to sign the new sales contract, which had a bunch of extra things that were added without our permission.

It's ridiculous and unacceptable that we got tricked into signing for a vehicle that we were not happy with and that we got bullied into this new contract. I do not know how this dealer chooses their staff but they should make a better choice because these "managers" they have are inept, dishonest, and unprofessional. Clients that visit these dealers to purchase cars in good faith bump into shady sales tactics that trick them, they end up being bullied into to accepting issues they are not happy with on large investments.

This all took place on Thursday, October 25. We feel robbed, humiliated and dissatisfied with the car we were bullied into opting to buy. I have to pay 700 dollars for the next 6 years for a vehicle that we didn't even want in the first place.

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