Grahm Nobel And AssociatesRefused to send copy of agreement

I spoke to a inspector Blaine of Grahm Nobel and Associates and he contacted,
me to collect a debt.After negociating for over 40 minutes we came to an,
agreement.However i told him before we finalize the agreement to send me,
a written copy of our agreement.When i spoke with him it was on 11-20-08,
On 12-3-08 i called to inform him that i had not recived the agreement.
The gentlemen that took the call claimed that Mr. Blaine was unavailable.
I then stated to the gentlemen that Mr.Blaine was to send me a copy of our,
agreement, and that i would feel more comfortable with the agreement.
The gentlemen then said to me that the company would have felt more,
comfortable if they had gotten their money and i told him that he was,
acting verry unprofessional he then said well hang up then and i did.
They then had the nerve towithdraw funds from my account the manner,
in which the gentlemen acted left me with the impression that they were,
trying to run a scam.I had my bank to not release the funds.I was really
in awe when i goggled their name in and saw the unprofessional maner,
in which they conduct bussiness.I think they need to be investigated by,
the Bar Association.

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