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Grab Car Vietnam Complaints & Reviews

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver was rude and asked for 100 load from the addressee

Dec 01, 2018

At around 10:30 thus morning, Dec 1, 2018, I had a console table delivered via grab car (orange Mitsubishi Adventure) driven by Paquito Guidicos Yunto with plate no. NS 8175 and LTFRB Case Number2018- 3163. When he got to the address, he rudely raised his voice to the addressee who happen...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude driver

Nov 23, 2018

The driver was so incredibly rude, me and my toddlers waited too long..Then he texted me" no signal" so i called him & advise him our location, he's kinda arrogant at first asking me what is the name of the front of us and I said wait ill ask but he hang up the phone w/out saying...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / complaint against grabfood

Nov 20, 2018

Amsavalli are you kidding me or what??? You should take your responsibility as a delivery company. I recieved the order late 30 min and the food was like a shit and very cold and solid as stone, and uneatable so I didn't eat it. You cannot take my money for uneatable food. If you will not...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver

Oct 29, 2018

Not to say complain but checking, I come Vietnam and out of 10, 9of the driver ask to cancel due to too far la, dun wan fetch la included when I depart from my home to airport and it cause me cancel so much in a week and it show everytime don't it not fair for me ask I force to cancel...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / the driver kicked out a pregnant woman.

Oct 29, 2018

Me and my wife use grab very frequently and we cannot believe what this asshole of a driver just did to my wife. On October 29, today, minutes after he picked up my wife outside of the building, he screamed at her, he complaint about her delaying in going downstairs, and after insulting...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grabcar drivers takes too long and did not want receive my passenger request

Oct 28, 2018

In 29 october 2018, im taking grabcar to work, but why it have to wait at least 1-2 hours but not even single grabcar driver want to take my request, worse of all, i seen empty grab taxi cars in my area, and try to call it again but fail again, i seen other passengers got their request while i got none and cant go to work bcos of that. Pls help me.

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver

Oct 26, 2018

I booked a grab car last night past 10pm and the driver named Jose Mari (didn't have screenshot because I didn't feel the need to) confirmed my booking. Waiting time was 4 mins and after like 2mins I saw that the driver cancelled my booking. "The driver has cancelled your booking" popped...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude driver

Oct 25, 2018

Napaka rude ng driver namin si Ernesto Aralar Molon !!! everyday kami nag book ng grab after duty namin sa office pero wala naman kaming complain sa ibang driver sa kanya lang Talaga!! First time lang na ng yari to Sinabi lang namin na kuya pa drop lang kami sa zapote then diretso na ng...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / the driver

Oct 23, 2018

Napaka sungit ng grab driver na ito bakit kaya? Kaya kayo may fix prize kumbaga choice na lang ng passenger kung magbibigay ng tip so i insist giving him 20pesos tip parang galit pa.. 1000 pera ko 144 lng bill ko 800 lang daw ang barya nya. sbe ko pwede kuya 180 sya pa galit so di p din...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / service

Oct 15, 2018

The driver already picked us up but while we're still in the area, another passenger rung him bcos she's also waiting for him. In short, he double booked his self. He said, ' Ay ano ba yan, anong ginawa ng Grab' He asked us again where we're going & said that 'Grab cancelled us', y we...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / unethical behavior

Oct 13, 2018

This grab driver was trying to have a sexual interaction with my girlfriend and she didn't know what to do because the driver kept on telling stories about sex and stuff. At the end of the trip she asked my girlfriend if she wants to have sex with him and told her that he can pick her...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / drivers malicious act

Oct 13, 2018

I would like to complain po this Driver Michael Vidanes Nangyo his car is Mitsubishi Mirage Red May plate nos na NI4523 with contact nos 09451760835. Sumakay ang anak ko sa knya, the driver seems nice sabi ng anak Ko pero yung pagka alalahanin nya pala at friendly ay May iba intensyon. In...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / charging me without delivering a service

Oct 10, 2018

I booked a ride today @ just after 8 am. I received confirmation the driver will arrive 4 minutes later. At 8.19 I got the automated message to say the driver arrived. Fortunately I was at the lobby waiting for the cab. At 8.24 I sent the driver a message to find out where he is. There wa...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / transaction

Oct 10, 2018

Hi Grab, I would like to raise my concern with regards on the attached receipt. I preferred to use my credit card. I topped up to driver and confirmed but the driver was confused on transaction that is why he suggest to pay him on cash. I gave him Php 400. He said if there will be a...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / no grab e-receipt

Oct 07, 2018

Last Friday, October 5, 2018, I took a Grab Car Plate No. NR 2131 from Terminal 4, NAIA, Metro Manila to CHED Office at C.P. Garcia, Quezon City. My fare was PhP448.00 and was informed by the driver that my official receipt would be emailed. It is now Monday, Oct. 8th but still no O.R...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude grab driver (james jimenez strachan) - rude upon answering the phone. made it uncomfortable for us as he pushed us to cancel the ride.

Oct 07, 2018

The Grab driver refused to let the passengers in (four adults and one 2 year old kid). He kept on insisting that only 4 passengers is the maximum. We are aware of this but imagine, how can we leave the 2 year old kid unattended. This is inspite the fact that the destination is just 2.8 km...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / service

Oct 06, 2018

Dear grab nagbook po ako kaninang madaling araw around 18:09 am Ung bill ko po is 112 pesos nagbigay ako ng 1000 pesos kadahilanan po n wlang barya si driver sinarado nya n 110 pesos nalang yung babayaran binigay ko 1000 ang change ko ay 890 pa po kaso binigay nya lang is 490 diko n...

Grab Car / 858161-d; from a grab driver wsd92

Oct 04, 2018

Dear grab management, i took a driver on 3 Oct at 5.39pm for a trip about 10 km from ara damansara to mid valley mall for RM26.00 but the rain and jam caused the journey to take more than 2 hours. The drive was stressful and long which is ok but for RM26.00 is ugly. A normal non peak...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / drivers attitudes and malicious act

Oct 02, 2018

Mitsubishi Mirage Red with plate nos NI4523, Driver name Michael Vidanes Nangyo contact nos 09451760835. It was last Sunday lately only, I would like to share my horrible and scary experience with this driver. Along the way everything went well it was this driver is so madaldal he kept in...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver misconduct

Oct 02, 2018

October 02, 2018 (Around 1:20 PM) I accidentally booked a GrabShare ride which I informed the driver that I will cancel instead of proceeding with the current booking. Upon cancelling the booking the driver sent a rude text towards me. He insinuated that I was wasting his gas and his time...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab

Sep 29, 2018

We booked for taxi or grabcar but it always telling me they are fully booked. Until i waited for 30.mins the price increased alot. I booked for the grabtaxi because taxi dont anyhow increase the price but they keep showing fully booked. Until I booked for grabcar which the price increase...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab driver

Sep 29, 2018

September 29 I book grab around 5:35pm at Rosario baranggay hall and VN7116 (Bernard abubo sibayan) accepted it so after few minutes I asked him if he's nearby because I saw he's not moving but I know he's not so far from where I am so I played games on my phone while waiting then I check...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab car

Sep 29, 2018

I have never experienced any disrespectful grab drivers until today. He shouted at me and blamed me for the wrong pin. I don't understand why it's the wrong pin for I've always been using it. He also refused to take me to the exact location as we shall take a detour since the direct route...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grabcar

Sep 26, 2018

Hello Grab, I would like to complain regarding a certain driver who accepted my booking. However... He was just 5 minutes away.. The driver is in the same village and street but not.moving for almost 30 minutes. I was forced to file another booking using my girlfriend's grab account. The...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver dropped me at a wrong place

Sep 26, 2018

Plate number : ABT7626 Last Aug26, nagbook ako ng grab from Kidzania Manila to MRT Ayala station. On our way, si kuyang driver binababa na kami somewhere, ilang mins pa lang kami nakasakay that time, kasama ko anak ko. Hindi ko kabisado ang lugar pero alam kong hindi pa dapat kami bumababa...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude grab driver

Sep 25, 2018

Sana maturuan ng leksyon yang bastos na grab driver na yan wala syang karapatan na sabihan ako ng "bwisit ka" hindi sya ang unang driver na na cancell trip at nag hintay ng 3 minutes kung naabala ka pasensya na pero wala kang karapatan sabihan ako ng kung ano ano at sabihan ng bwisit ako...

Grab Car / attitude

Sep 25, 2018

We book grab from college back to home, after the grab drive alr fetch us, we told him that we want to go without toll, he like angry and ask us to cancel it and book another grab, after he put us down from the car, we can't cancel it, and he ask to get on the car and scold us, what...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab car

Sep 24, 2018

Today I took a Grab car from the house to the train station and I left my bag in the car with my phone, power bank and accessories. I just got out of the car and walked about 100 meters before I realized that I left the bag. So I immediately tried to contact the driver with my second phone...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / I am complaining for driver of grab car with plate number vf6905- rodrigo fernandez amin jr.

Sep 24, 2018

This driver is very arrogant with no respect to her passenger and kept on talking and talking while on driving. I asked him to shut up his mouth but he was so insistent on what he was saying. It is very annoying with his passenger. I appreciate if you can do possible action to punish this kind...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / cancelled booking and the payment was good through credit card/refund!

Sep 24, 2018

This happened last Sept 22, I booked a ride going to Novaliches, about a minute ago grab found a driver for me, His name is Harry Tamayo Tidon, but unfortunately, all of the sudden he cancelled our ride, I was shooked because the payment method I made was a credit card. I already called...

Grab Car / car stolen by grab driver (andrew chung tat phin ic no:920912-12-xxxx)

Sep 21, 2018

This guy was hiding and run away with my car - white honda civic fc (cda 901) since he unable to pay weekly rental for two weeks. He just rented for 3 weeks. He has outstanding deposit payment to me and until now uncontactable since last 3 days. We have official rental agreement. The...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / about the pay

Sep 19, 2018

nag book ako ng grabcar kaso may friend ako na kasama need niya bumaba ng r.papa and me ang daan ko Del monte hindi ko na + ung r.papa ang gisto niya mangyari ituloy niya ung ride kaso tignan muna daw ung price ng double drop out at ayun daw ung bayaran namin. Pwede po ba yun? gusto niya wag kong icancel and ang babayaran namin ung double drop off?

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab taxi service

Sep 18, 2018

Simple. I want to go to Orchid Hotel. $15.00. Before I catch it the app changes destination to Orchid Country Club which I discover $45.00 later...sound stupid but this app (API) pulled this inside a few minutes in my rush after a 21 hour flight at Chaingi Airport. UBER never ever pulled...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude driver

Sep 17, 2018

Today I booked a grabshare to 10 upper cross street, Singapore 058328. I had been to this address many times, and I know well where it is located at. Initially when I entered the car, the grab driver checked with me the exact location and I informed him accordingly. However, the driver...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / rude driver

Sep 16, 2018

This driver is arrogant, im trying to book 6seater for about 30minutes because we have groceries, But 6seater is not available and not available. That's why I booked for 4seaters, i have no choice. Ng sasakay na kami, ayaw nya open door, but i will first talk & tell na dadagdagan ko na...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab driver

Sep 12, 2018

I want to report someone or file a case against him. His name is Job Yanzon Robles. This happened 12 of September 2018. I was at Robinson's Balibago, booked a grab from there to San Fabian Street Barangay San Jose Angeles City. Then this certain grab driver who have a number 1-0630 in hi...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / client service

Sep 11, 2018

I am a Platinium member and I have to share about the consistent worst customer service. When you are charged for a trip you cancel, they really don't care if it is because the driver was driving further away and the waiting time was getting longer. They mention that they must be fair to...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / my location

Sep 10, 2018

I've been using grab for quite a long time now. It's sad that when your app updated for a new version, I can't locate our subdivision anymore. Our subdivision is South City Homes which has 2 (let's just say)"branches". One is is minglanilla and ours is talisay. It's just so disappointing...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / driver showed up and refused to pick up my guests, a kenyan mother with her daughter

Sep 09, 2018

9th september 2018 at around 5.00pm I got my daughter to download the grab app on my mobile phone as I want to book a ride for my guests leaving my home to 2 kim seng road. Booking was made and booking number is adr-7619073-5-001, honda vezel showed up with driver neo eng choon jeffrey...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / unethical behavior of grab driver

Sep 09, 2018

This Grab driver was very rude and canceled my booking from Muntinlupa City to Bacoor Cavite because he did not want to accept the trip and my PWD fare discount. I book and use Grab every week, so this is not my primary booking but this is my first time to meet a Rude driver. His name i...