Racist undertones from rude, arrogant bully of a doctor

Before you register here, make sure you are the right kind of patient with the right kind of disease/illness. If not, don’t bother, because profit comes first and your health last.

Bear in mind GPs receive £64.67 per registered patient. They get points for every medical condition and every test they undertake. Each point = £133.76. Different medical conditions warrant different points. eg Hypertension entitles the surgery to 16 points, while my specific disease is worth 1 measly point, which explains the appalling lack of service I received. GPs receive additional payments for Direct Enhanced Services (eg flu jabs) They get premises pay, Seniority Payments, payment for Technology etc. This information is public knowledge.

The greedy, profit-driven GPs send you for as many tests as possible, even irrelevant tests (because they claim the cost back from the PCT), but they don’t give referrals to specialists (because they lose money for referrals). They aim to get you in and out of the room as quickly as possible. These doctors have no interest in your health whatsoever and they’re not shy about making that clear. I was berated for taking up too much time: don’t accept new patients if you don’t have the time to provide the service.

One GP in particular is arrogant beyond words and rude with it. The swinging door was left to swing back in my face, demonstrating a lack of manners. Offensive assumptions were made about my ethnicity and nationality. This doctor should receive some diversity training. Drs would do well to remember that they are paid from the multicultural public purse to provide a service to the multicultural public. Everybody, regardless of background, is entitled to be treated in a courteous manner. They seem to think that because there are no witnesses to the appointments, they can get away with outrageous behaviour .
They seem to have forgotten that they are under a moral and legal obligation to prescribe treatment that best fits the patient for a resolution of the issues: and not that which generates the most profit.

Drs here really need to buck up their attitude and behaviour to avoid serious reputational damage ; they should think about how they would like a family member to be treated and treat their patients accordingly. An investigative journalist would have an absolute field day here.


  • Why The Long Faces Jun 30, 2012

    Every doctor in the world charges by what the disease is and the course of treatment and testing required. Every doctor wants to get paid for the job he does. Stop being jealous that he makes more money than you.

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  • Bo
    bookingcomripoff Nov 26, 2013;sid=74be282aa485345fc5c952dbb19bec08;dcid=1;checkin=2013-11-29;checkout=2013-12-03;srfid=55bc900c023a6a9bda992eaecaa83a0b7ad2bba7X2

    for a 4 night stay the hotel charges over 40 euro more then price on booking come in hidden price

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  • BookingcomTeam Nov 26, 2013


    I'm sorry to hear of this matter. The rates on our site are loaded by the properties themselves, and they are to be honored as booked. If there are any excluded fees or service charges they will always be listed in the price column or "Important Information" section prior to booking. I'd like to investigate this further. Could you provide your booking number for me?

    Regards, Kelly Team

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