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111 Seatown Cullen Buckie Banffshire AB56 4SN
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Dear Sir/Madam, on 15/08/2017 I attended an interview with the company Gourmet, s Choice (Sutherlands of Portsoy), Harbour Head Shore Street, Banff, AB56 2RX. email:[protected] ph. no:[protected] which was conducted by Alan Stewart (procurement manager) and Elaine Sutherland (managing director). On the morning of 16/08/2017 I received a phone call from Alan Stewart offering me the position of relief delivery driver of a 7.5tonne lorry/factory worker which I accepted and was asked when I could start this employment which I replied 21/08/2017. Alan Stewart phoned me on 17-18th/08/2017 and said he had arranged for me to get a lift to the companies premises on the early hours of 21/08/2017. I received a call sometime after this from a John Stewart or Stuart instructing me he would pick me up on 21/08/2017 at 06.20am which he did and we travelled to the companies premises picking up the managing directors (Elaine Sutherland) son on the way. Once there I had some paper work to fill out and sign and met the driver of the 7.5tonne delivery lorry and aided him to load the lorry with fish products which we then delivered to hotels, restaurants and shops on the route for that day which was from Portsoy to Aberdeen. The driver was in phone/internet contact with the office at all times. Once in Aberdeen we had some deliveries to accomplish and we also had to pick up fish and polystyrene boxes which the company used to pack their products in and return to the companies premises in Portsoy. On 22/08/2017 the day was similar apart from the fact deliveries and pick ups were slightly different due to the fact orders coming into the company from other companies varied daily. Once home that evening I decided that this employment was not suitable for me and at 06.20 on 23/08/2017 I met the guy who was giving me at lift to and from Gourmet, s Choice premises in Portsoy (John Stewart/Stuart) and explained the situation and told him to instruct Alan Stewart (procurement manager) that I would phone him and explain the circumstances after 09.00. Alan Stewart (procurement manager) in fact phoned me before 09.00 and offered me the position of factory worker only which I declined and we said our goodbyes and ended the phone call. I have never received any wages for the two days employment I conducted and believe this to be a legal obligation on the part of Gourmet, s Choice. Can you assist in the retrieval of the monies I believe I am entitled to Please advise, thankyou, regards

Alexander F Ross

  • Updated by cullenbeach · Oct 31, 2017

    Please can you tell me why ive not had a response to my complaint

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