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May 29, 2019

This people is a scam. I booked them a flght last January. ANd the flight was delayed and cancelled but I really have to be in New Zealand that time. I called them and told about the scenario in the airport and ask for options. They said I can booked any ticket I and they will refund my... / refund of payment for flight tickets from tel aviv to santaigo cile ddue to medical issueue to cancecelation of the flight

May 05, 2019

WE ordered 2 flights tickets to Santiago Chile for the 23.4.19 and back to Tel Aviv on the 6.5.19. Due to medical issue we cancelled the tickets on the 30.3.19 and I also provided you medical certification. The support department promised to refund the payment until the 26.5.19 and you... / airline has cancelled it's flights, please initiate my refund

Apr 19, 2019

Air Astana flight from Bishkek-Almaty-Delhi is not flying till 31st May 2019. The flight i booked is on 18th May. I am unable to reach you over phone and couldn't find an email address as well. A full refund will be issued by the airlines so please refund my booking. Name: Sudhabindu... / disgraceful customer service

Mar 15, 2019

Booking ref r7ely3 I'm going to keep messaging you until you actually accept the fact that you have not fulfilled your part of the contract we entered into when you said you would sort out the flights with Turkish airlines.  I had to do the leg work, not you. If I had left it to you it... / fake flight purchase where they take your money and no flight info sent at all ever!

Nov 01, 2018

On November 1st, 2018 around 2 PM the website is and they sold me flight that does not exist and they refuse to coctact me and never sent me any email confirmation nothing or reservation number. After I made the flight purchase, a confirmation window came and the took the... / lack of delivery on flight

Oct 05, 2018

I just landed after a very unpleasant travel using your services. I am referring to my flight with the following details: Order number: KQN7SV, Booking reference: Flight: IQOQTD, operated by Pegasus Airlines. As a part of my order I've especially ordered a meal and payed extra for it (If... / change name help!!

Aug 11, 2018

Hello my name is Amal Laghribi, my booking number is: RLTNWD. I will travel from Casablanca to Manchesteron the 16 August 2018. And for some reasons I can't travel. I want to change the name urgently for my daughter name, I don't have a plexible ticket but I booked with royal air... / unethical behaviour

Jan 08, 2017

I booked a one-way ticket from Cape Town, South Africa to London Gatwick roughly 5 months before my intended travel date. Four weeks before my departure date I received an email from GoToGate stating that my flight had received a "time change" and I should respond within 5 days to... / avoid

Oct 17, 2016

I had a terrible experience with GoToGate and my issue was never resolved! I booked a flight via GoToGate and later contacted them and said that I wanted to change the date. Their rep said they'll charge it for some extra. After I paid they said they'll contact me soon. Waited and...