(Paramus, NJ) I ordered a what I thought was going to be a really nice desk, instead I got miserable workmanship. It all started when they delivered the desk and hutch. When they set it up, they suddenly discovered that the hutch was too big for the desk. From there it has been all down hill. Missing stain, mismatched stain, cracked wood, missing stablizing parts, even crooked drawers.

They were even so lazy as to stain over the door handles instead of staining the wood first. We have had a "repair" guy to the house 4 times and needs to come back again. Now they are holding our money we had put down as a deposit on another peice that we obviously don't want. This has been nothing but a giant headache. The company will not cooperate to resolve this. PLEASE DON"T WASTE YOUR MONEY LIKE I DID.. They have no pride in their products.‎ If the company decides to make things right, I will post an update here.

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