Gorse Hillexcessive (hidden) markup for new static home

C Sep 08, 2018

I purchased an 11yr old home in June which we enjoyed. We insured this through the company recommended by the site owners. In August we attended an open day for sales of new homes and fell in love with a new home.
We paid £85k for the home which was in the Parks sales area 200 metres from our plot. The cost we paid included a full trade in for our original purchase.
We then received a marketing email from insurance company which had a link to static homes and caravans. We where amazed to see our own 2018 model being available, direct from manufacturer for £50k. I understand there is a high cost for transportation and connection to plot etc. But 35k over manufacturers listing. We feel that we have been misold. Is this usual practise? And how should we proceed

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