Google PixelBerry HelpPayunauthorized debit card charges.

M Aug 02, 2018

For several months now I have had many unauthorized charges on my card without my knowledge or authorization. I have contacted my bank filed fraud claims, had new cards issues. From May 1st to May 31st. I have been charged $47.80. From June 1st to June 30th I have been charged $57.40. From July 1st to July 31st I have been charged 67.77. Already for the month of August I have been charged another $14.97. I demand you look into this matter ASAP. I want my name removed from your files, I do not want to see anymore illegal charges on my card, or unauthorized transactions. I also want my money back that was taken from my account. If need be I can go back further then 3 months and demand that you return all the money that was taken. This amount is well over $500.00.

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