Google Phantom Mountain View CA.overcharged on my card

On 8/16/2019 I purchase coins for $ 17.99 on
8/ 16/2019 I purchase coin for $ 9.99

On 8/ 22 / 2029 my bank shows coins purchase on these dates I did not approve I did not order I did not receive coins for.
8/ 22 / 2019 $ 24.99
8/ 28/ 2019. $ 17.99
8/30/2019. $ 9.99
9/9 / 2019. $ 19.9
This is when I receive my bank statement with all the charges
They did it again on
9/ 19/ 2019 $ is in review

Being upset would you still order
I dont think so
You owe my account back $ 72.96
Of unauthorized charges no coins were given
Please check with jackpot I only receive twice
Stop charging my account
This is my rent money
I need it back
I will not purchase coins in the future
You guys need to be check on something is not right in your setup
I will be happy to send you copies of bank statement
Just let me know
How long is this going to take

Google Phantom Mountain View CA.

Sep 29, 2019

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