google chest google/ treasure chest treasure safelock IDtwo names same company & safe lock does not answer their phone either


I signed up for the grant site and it cost $1.97 which they refunded when I canceled in April .I checked my bank statement in June to find that I have been charged $72.21 by treasure chest at [protected] and $72.79 by google chest at [protected]. I did get in touch with google chest but they claim that they only charge $72.21 and the $72.79 was an error by my bank that they never charge anyone $72.79. they claim to have canceled my account which I do not remember agreeing to and refunding my $72.21. I can not reach anyone at treasure chest's phone # [protected] or anyone at safe lock id either. I have been charged $72.21 and $72.79 and $38.84 that is alot of money which I did not agree to nor did I get anything for. Oh by the way the grant site bundled domain pro at [protected] for $19.95 which I hope are truthful about canceling any further charges. I will never again sign up for any offers online. I would appreciate any help any one can offer.

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