Goodlife Fitness/Thornhillstaff courtesy and service

H Jul 31, 2018

Memebr for 18 years have paid over 15, 000.00 in memebrship fees i was given complimentary towel service when i joined. They decided to take it away. In all these years i have only been denied 3 times of towel service. Very inconsistent in their process. Today i really needed a towel was askd to pay 2.00 dollars which i did, only to be told thy're out. The staff only seems to remember to follow process when they're out of towels, very inconvenient for me. Either always ask for it or just provide it to all memebrs
Rude staff member J***e, his idea of problem resolution is " well, we have no towels right now what do you want us to do about it".
Very humiliating, treating an 18 year member like this for 2.00!!!

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