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I have been going there for years. They were wonderful until recently. Bill, the owner was great. He always took time to explain things and seemed generally concerned about keeping his price low or at least competitive with their prices.

The only complaint I had with them until then is that it usually look a lot longer to do things than they estimated. Since most of my repairs were small... loosing a full day rather than half of one was not too big of a deal.

However, recently I blew my transmission. Ok. That happens. I had my car towed in. And while I dont expect them to drop everything when ever I come in the shop to work on my car. They did not even LOOK at that car for 2 and 1/2 days. If I had known they were so backed up, I would have brought it some where else. Chris oringally told me that he would look at it the same day it came in. He explained to me that they dont do the transmission work there... but send it off. Ok. Well when he did not call that evening... I assumed he got busy. At 2 the next day I called... and he STILL had not looked at it. He promised me to call me that evening. He called that evening... but STILL had not looked at it. At this point, I am thinking forget it, but I am trying to be patient. He said that he suspected I used the wrong Transmission fluid when I added a pint to it the other day. I explained to him that I used the fluid that the car manual told me to... (sp) Decron III. He told me my car does not use that kind. Well... why would the manual say you can use it if you cant? I assume the figure since I am a woman I dont know the first thing about cars.

He said I was going to be the first car they started the next day. Ok... feeling a little better that the ball is rolling now. His suggestion was to flush the fluid and put new fluid and a Lucas in it. I did not see how different transmission fluid was going to fix it, but I appreciated that he was "trying to save me money".

I had not heard from them but 1 the next day. Does it really take 5 hours to flush a transmission? I called and they said they had just flushed the transmission and were about to take it out for a test drive. He would call me in about 30 minutes. 2 hours later I called them back and they said it did not work... I was looking at needing a rebuilt transmission. Well... if they had removed the pan in the first place on the day we brought it in... my transmission could have already been at the place they send it to... being worked on.

Ok... hindsite is always 20/20. Anyway... they gave me the price. 2500.00. Well I kinda choked on that. He said it was 1600 to rebuild it... plus the cost of what they have already done. I am thinking... 900 for a tow a flush and to take the transmission out and put it back? REALLY!?! Also... the guy could not start on it until at LEAST monday. That is a whole week I m renting a car that my car is not even being touched.

So that evening I talked to my friend who is a mechanic. He said... it sounds like you are getting taken for a ride. .. no pun intended. So he called around a bit and found out that I could get a rebuilt engine INSTALLED for 1600. If I got it to this other place, it would be a max of 4 days. I will have my car back on Tuesday rather than Friday or Saturday.

I am afraid that a 900 dollar difference is enough for me to start looking for a new mechanic. Apparently now they are over pricing AND not working timely. I know I still need to settle up with them. And I will, but since I dont have to pay for them to take off the transmission... I am assuming a flush and a tow wont be anymore than 200 bucks. Still a savings of almost 200 not including what I will save on rental. It is a shame, because I was always happy with the work they did. I know the last time I was in the shop, I saw Bill and I mentioned all the new faces in the garage and how busy he was. He mentioned that since this new guy came to his shop, his profit has skyrocketed. Now I know why. I am really sad because I was referring a lot of my friends to his shop. In fact, I had even recommended my nephew have his car brought there during this whole ordeal. His car came in after mine and was out the next day.

I truely do believe that they are not able to handle the big jobs. They should be restricted to the little ones.

Anyone know a good mechanic in Friendswood. I wont return here after being taken for a ride.

Bill go back to your old ways. The profit you are gaining now will quickly dissapear when you lose customers and word of mouth advertisement.


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      Jul 28, 2009

    First of all, it sounds like u should have taken your car to your friend (that is a mechanic), and told him that u put the wrong transmission fluid in ur car and that it wouldnt move after that.

    Second, you took your car to a busy shop and expected them to stop working on other peoples cars to take care of you.(and hourly updates are not normally required from any customers.

    Third, the way I understand it that you didnt have a problem with anything until you were expected to pay a tow bill, the high priced fluid ur car took, and 1 hour of labor to the poor mechanic that had to work on that piece of crap. Didnt you only pay like $200 and something for everything??and most of that was the TOW BILL>>>

    Fourth, u took ur car to a not so reputable place that is willing to under bid anyone just to get you in the door.

    Kinda sounds like YOU need to find a shade tree idiot somewhere, and quit trying to tell business owners how to run their business, , , They took the chance to own their own business, and it seems to be paying off for them..In my opinion you should sit behind that $5.00 dollar an hour desk and quit bad mouthing good people, just because u cant afford to fix your car.

    So, , to re-cap, , , go stuff a chili dog down your throat and grow up kid...


    Frank S.

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      Jul 28, 2009

    Hi, , , You suck lady...

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      Jul 29, 2009

    Hey, lady, , , didnt you post a positive reveiw on another site????? Isn't ur other screen name Tazz or something...Didnt u thank them for trying to save u money ?????

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      Jul 31, 2009

    In response to the previous poster, you must be one of the ###s that work there or else you would not be so familiar with what I paid even though you are wrong. You might even be the ### that kept telling me that I did not put the right transmision fluid in. Again I will reiterate, or should I use smaller words so you can understand them, the MANUAL THAT CAME WITH MY CAR stated what fluid to put in my transmission. That is what I put in. Why would the manual tell me that you can use a certain fluid if you cant? I did not put the wrong fluid in. I put it what the manufacturer of the car said to put in. So go pound sand where the sun does not shine. You are a crappy mechanic.

    On your second issue. I did not expect them to drop everything they were doing to work on my car. But cars that came in AFTER mine were looked at and fixed and OUT before mine. I have a big problem with that. Especially since it is a matter of removing a few screws to remove the pan and diagnose the issue. Also, since they know they will be sending it out... and it is not that hard to remove the transmission... It should not have sat around for so long. Lastly on this issue, if they had told me they were so busy, I would not have brought it to them, but had it towed somewhere else.

    Your third issue... I had no problem paying the tow bill. I get that back from my insurance company... so I dont care about paying that. After you remove the price for the tow... I paid 220 for a transmission flush... which is CRAZY expensive. And as for taking it to a non-reputable repair shop. I had been bringing my car there for years and had NEVER had a problem until this time. Or so I thought. Apparently when I had them do another repair earlier this year, they bypassed the cooling system on my transmission... and THAT is what burnt up my transmission. I only travel short distances... so it took a while... but that is what burnt it up. It had to be GOOD Ole Boys that did it, because they have been the only one that has touched my car for any repairs for over 4 years. But that was before Bill the owner brought these new ###s in to work on their customers cars. BTW... it was in THIS post that I mentioned that I appreciated that they were "trying to save me money" at the end of the fourth paragraph. If I have put a positive comment on another site, I will search out that site and retract my positive comment. Thanks for reminding me.

    As for your insult to me, it hurts my feeling so much. I am crushed that a bum like you does not like me. Where did I go wrong. Bill the owner is a great guy. His shop was great until they took on this new batch of ###s, again of which you must be included. And he was doing fine up until then. I dont care what your opinion is of me or my job. You have no idea what I do or how much I make. I am not going to lie and say I dont want to try to find someone who will give me a good price on a job. Everybody does or else everyone would take there cars to the dealer to repair and the little guys would not exsist... so you are contradicting your self in your own statement. I can afford to fix my car. I just dont want to have to remove foreign objects from my rear end before I sit down because I have been screwed by my mechanic.

    When you get some facts... come back and present them. Otherwise, your post is all opinion, and a poorly formed one at that. I seem to have hit a chord with you. BTW... your comment about my weight was a poor choice. I can get skinny, you cant get smart or apparently polite.

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      Nov 16, 2009

    Wow... Mr. Goodwrench is an A-Hole!!! And for sure... an employee at God Ol Boys.

    These fools suck you in by acting like your best friend, then they take you for a ride!

    Seriously... I was screwed by them a couple years ago after being loyal customers for almost two years (I have many toys that I often brake & dont have the time to repair myself). After the first "screwing" I received from Good Ol Boys... I vowed never to return. Then after a subsequent mechanic showed me some of the crap A$$ work that was previously done on one of my classics (by Good Ol Boys), I just could not believe they take peoples hard earned money the way they do & remain straight faced.

    It is very difficult to find an honest reputable mechanic... I feel for everyone that is suckered by shady mechanics.

    I would LOVE to buy their ### out and put some truth into auto repair.

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      Mar 15, 2010

    Money talks and BS walks... why dont you put ur money where ur mouth is and go talk to the new owners...If not, , , , then I guess u are very childish and just hiding behind this discussion board..

    And Yes, I am an A-hole...But I am one of the few mechanics that will defend this profession against arrogant self centered idiots that think they can bad mouth anyone they want with no recourse to themselves...

    It kinda sounds like to me that you dont want to pay good money for a good repair.. I wish more customers like you would just grow up and have a civil discussion with the accused and get it straight like that instead of being spineless..

    When was the last time u said something good about a mechanic shop ??? Probly never, , , just trying to make yourself feel better...Pretty sad I think...

    Have a nice day..

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      Mar 25, 2011

    I totally disagree with this complaint. Look Im not even from around here and Ive had several mechanics and I myself am fairly mechanically inclined as opposed to the complainant whom used being a woman as an excuse... SOME EXCUSE ! Anyhow I recently financed a Durango from this place in Jersey Village and low and behold my ENGINE BLEW! I had a gentleman that was nice enough to help me out and look under my hood and give me the # for Chris at Good Ole Boys. The shop is owned in part and is partnered with its very own tow company(which made it VERY convienient). Chris explained the tow would simply be added to the bill when I picked up my repaired vehicle so I wouldnt have to pay money all over the place. The man in which came to pick up my car I believe was Bill and he was ever so helpful and kindly explained to me where the place was and how to get there, he pretty much told me whatever I asked and or needed to know at that point in reference to my vehicle . When I spoke with Chris he said he would look at it and let me know as soon as possible what he thought was wrong with it. Being a nurse, I know REAL occupations get bogged down and people get busy so I myself being at work that day called Chris and while I was talking to him he was on his way to look at my vehicle. He called me back later, heck I dont really know when (I was busy, actually working, not counting the minutes on my car repair) and confirmed my engine was blown. I also had to rent a car and went through a heck of a time getting the dealership I was purchasing my car from to call me back to let me know what I should do, then even longer for them to come and get my car from the shop. Chris was very kind and assured me that my car was safe and not in the way at all and just to let him know what I needed to be done. I simply paid for the tow which was shocking because I knew for sure he would charge me storage and some kind of estimated fee for the confirmation of the blown engine(as most auto shops would). Granted I had NEVER met this man in my life yet he was being very helpful in ways I didnt even know some people could be anymore. Finally my dealership came to get my vehicle and Chris was kind enough to remove my belongings in which I hadnt had time to retrieve before the dealship removed my vehicle from his property. My dealership first offered to get me into another vehicle for 3 more yrs financing and my payments would go up because they couldnt afford to take the loss of placing a new engine in the old one. In the meantime I had been communticating with Chris and he told me to bring by any vehicle they offered me so he could inspect it and make sure I got a decent vechicle this time around. When I told my dealership I was bringing my car to a mechanic they shut that down real quick and said " Well we could always just fix your Durango. After all you only owe like $4400." Chris gave me a good alternative to getting into a new contract I believe Im going to have to follow through with. Altogether I thought the service in which I recieved was top notch and above and beyond customer service standards!

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      Oct 13, 2014

    Just a couple years ago this seemed like an alright place, and relatively reputable. My most recent experience was a permanent deal-breaker. NEVER going back here again. It took them over a week to find out what my car's issue was and they quoted me roughly $1000 in repairs. The whole thing seemed to damn fishy, I took it somewhere else and gambled a second opinion diagnostic. They got to the root of it in about an hour and fixed it for less than half what Good Ole Boys quoted me. Gambling that $80 dollar diagnostic saved me almost $500 in the long run. Some of the mechanics seem like decent guys and they USED to do good work. I don't know what changed, but if you take your car here and something seems "off" about what you're hearing, be very wary.

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      Oct 13, 2014

    And the belligerent, unprofessional antics of what is almost certainly a GOB employee on this very board speaks volumes.

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      Nov 05, 2014

    Hmm... disregard my last complaint. These guys touched base and offered to comp some of the costs back since the issue was never fixed. This is the Good Ole Boys I was used too. That's really stand-up for a small business and in light of this I've got no room to complain. Thanks, GOB.

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