Goldrush Usa/sourceone IncDon't do business with them


Company listed already with the better business bureau.
Numerous complaints have already been fied.

Other Names Doing Business as:
Global One Inc
GoldRush USA
Infinite Abundance
Mutual Prosperity Group

P.O. Box 1126
Russellville, AR 72811

SourceOne Corporation
GoldRush USA
60 North D Street
Pottsville, AR 72858

Wes Boster (Program Manager)
Wade Hughes (The Founder of the SCam Program)
[protected] (phone)
[protected] (phone)

I am still fighting to get my money back(refund) due to their so called claims. Read this quote taken from the first page on their website:

(you can be in substantial Profit starting next week.
With GoldRushUSA average people can now earn up to $20, 113 Monthly.)

What a lie.And making Illegal Claims like this?

Do not involve yourself with this company/pymamid scheme.

I am still in a nightmare with this company. And they are still trying to get into my bank account. When I first joined this company, I gave them my checking account number. Well that was the wrong thing.

I joined on the 20th of July. And in August, I decided to cancel my contract with this company. I contacted this company by email to let them know to cancel my subscription. And Wes did let me know that my account has been cancelled.

Well my account being cancelled did not mean a thing. These theives still went into my account and tryed to collect 73.00. Of course the money was not there, however, i have been charged enormous bank fees.

I wrote an email asking if I was cancelled, then why are you still going in my checking account? Wes tells me this is from a bank draft. And which he claims that this can not be stopped. From this moment, it has still been a nightmare. To this day, they are still going in my checking account trying to collect money.

That $73.00 is now at $178.00 (due to so call bank fees so they claim.)

This is still a nightmare. And I have categoried this as fraudulent activity going on with my bank account.

So on this note in the future: Do not give out your checking account to any of this internet scam businesses.

I am now working with a consultant on filing charges on:

Illegal false claims(You can start earning profits next week, etc...)
Fraudulent Activity(within my checking account).

I also will be filing with the banking commission; A Federal Regulation E-form.
Some of these scam companies on the internet have to be stopped.

Get to know your rights...

And do not do any business with this company. Or you will just regret it.

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