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Me and my family decided to go to Thanksgiving dinner at Golden Corral so we called in to see how long they would be open we got told they were going to be open until 9 p.m. so we went there at around 5 sat down and got a table then we overheard somebody saying that they're going to be closed at 6 will that will only give us an hour to eat we can't finish eating Thanksgiving dinner nicely without stuffing ourselves and 45 minutes. So I asked the manager to come over and talk to me she said that there is nothing she can do but the food will still be out what people have not eaten at 6 so you can still get it she also said go get all your plates and put them on the table so you have them there ahead of time which I thought was kind of Ludacris because you don't know what you're going to eat how much we're going to eat and we don't want to look like pigs either so we didn't do that I suggested could we take some food home and their to-go boxes and she said no that we could not do that so then we just tried to eat the best that we could and get in as much as we could and then I heard something on the intercom saying we are closing then I noticed they were rushing around putting food away the ice cream machine was getting cleaned out then I asked them for some gummy bears and they would not do that either all the food. Put away everybody was ready to go some of the staff had already left they had turned off the lights on us and that was at 6 after I've paid $105 for us to go to a nice family restaurant to sit there and eat to tell everybody what we're thankful for like we usually do fill out this thing for my son's school to tell what we're thankful for so he could take that in when he goes back and to have a nice meal but that is not what we received three received not getting full not getting what we wanted to eat getting lights turned off on us and rude rushing people so I hope somebody reads this that can help the situation because I really don't think it's fair that our Thanksgiving got ruined because Golden Corral couldn't tell the right times to people or at least let them know at the door or even stop letting people in at 5 and so that they everybody at least has an hour to eat and do the time's right

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Nov 23, 2018 11:04 pm

What is ludacris are two things. FIrst of all your spelling and grammar. Second your expecting the restaurant to be open normal hours on a Holiday. Why should a buffet allow you to take food home because you went close to closing? You are really selfish. Have you ever thought that maybe the staff want to go home and spend Thanksgiving with their families. Just because your family is too lazy to cook does not mean you have to inconvenience others by expecting them to stay late and not have that family time. Maybe you need to work on Thanksgiving and have to deal with arrogant people such as you and your family. You truly are selfish. You think that it is "unfair" that they could not get the right times. Are you sure that they said they close at 9pm. I mean you seem so dense that maybe you misunderstood them. Do you really think it is fair for them to have to work during Thanksgiving serving ungrateful brats like your family? I bet if they stopped letting you in at five you would complain about that as well because you were too lazy to cook and had to go hungry at Thanksgiving. Many people can eat in an hour. As a matter of fact some casino buffets limit the time for dining to an hour.

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Dec 09, 2018 11:04 pm

I am not lazy and i don't like thanksgiving i don't eat meat. i don't care if they want to spend thanksgiving with their family it does not matter when the door closes if we are not done until 10pm they should stay until then even if they close at 6pm. I have nothing to be thankful for this year my son really made me angry in the and i started hitting him and pulling his hair. as soon as school started he was crying when asked how he spent his summer, he told his teacher that he hates summer because i always hit him more well he annoys me. he was placed in a foster home and i cannot even spend thanksgiving with him i asked if i could have a visit and they said no then this golden corral ruins our meal. my friends and i got into an argument because they said i was loud and rude. now they don't w want to eat with me either. we had an argument about the closing time. one of my friends said that they said straight out that they would be shutting down the stations at 5:45 and close at 6pm. I said this never happened and she kept arguing with me until I threatened to slap her and punch her. no one talked to me during the meal and they did not talk to each other they blamed me for the tension.

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