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These people have taken over three hundred thousand dollars from my mother over the course of 4 years and then when she tried to get them to stop taking her money they wouldn't. I sent them power of attorney that i hold for her but they say never received it until july 2007 this started in October of 2006. PLEASE BEWARE THESE PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOU BLIND.

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Mar 23, 2009 4:21 am EDT

golden casino scam people they don't give you your deposit back they are very dodgy

May 28, 2011 6:09 pm EDT

You guys are a bunch of idio. Sorry for the bad words but online casinos are mostly scams. You want answers? here is your answer: Online Vegas, Go Casino, Grand Vegas, Golden Casino and Crazy Slots all belong to the old Golden Palace, they are all from the same owner which i know the name but due to safety measures i am not willing to give it. Basically you get ripped off if you get a bonus but they want to you get the bonus because thats the way they have to screw you over. When they give free money or comps, when you have deposited money and redeposited, if you have received any payments or you have pending payments you better dont ask for any. They ban the states with no warning because they already collected enough from that state and there is a chance that police may be after them. If you dont get your money, dont worry you will get it but dont wait for it too soon. It takes 2 days to 30 days to get it, why? because the longer you wait the more chances there are for you to redeposit. Want more? ok, they headquarters are in netherlands but even so you dont really need to wait more than 3 days to get paid dont you? There is only one call center located in the Republic of Panama, central america. The name of the Call Center is Platinum Care Services. You will always speak to the same people, they are allowed to change their nick names or names because after all its a CALL CENTER. Banks do not allow online casinos because laws in USA want them to pay tax which they dont. How do i know all this, i was a supervisor there a few years ago and i was fired. I just dont want you people getting ripped off. Only level 9-10 and 11 are allowed to get more benefits because they know that these 3 levels play mostly for fun, they always redeposit and never ask for anything. Any more information? I have it all. just type it here and I will answer

Mar 19, 2010 10:02 am EDT

Everybody here is ###ed for not reading the casino terms of use. The casino won't give you free money for nothing, they will regulate it with rollovers and restrict you from specific games. All i have to say is do your research peoeple! A bank won't just lend you money for no reason, they will charge interest. The same goes for the casino. Bunch of cry babies.

Jul 17, 2009 5:29 pm EDT

Golden casino is a scam.

At first you think you're really playing at a casino. Say you put $200.00 into the game, you think you're playing for real money, but when it comes time for them to pay you, theyll try to find something wrong.

My mother likes blackjack. So i decided to set her up on an online casino since thats what she wanted. She has no idea how to use a computer. On the account name, since I was the one creating it, I put in my name. I left the browser open for my mother to go to deposit to input her credit card information properly, she called me while I was at work to do it and I guided her through it.

Heres the catch, GOLDEN CASINO accepted the payment even though she used HER credit card, in HER name, and typed in HER NAME for the credit card in the account. Golden casino ACCEPTED the payment that was under her name for the account I created.

So, make a long story short, my mom started off with 200 bucks and went to 3 grand and when she wanted to take some money, red flags went up. First they said that the money is ok you will get your check but it will take a while so keep playing. Then I called cuz I speak better english and I wanted to see whats up, and the guy says that because I accepted the bonus money in the beginning, I needed to play 4grand in slot machines and other junk before I can withdraw money, so keep playing. It was in the terms of service for accepting the bonus money in the beginning that matched me dollar for dollar, in a little tiny bullet on a link off the main website itself. He promised me that after that, my mom can get money for real this time.

I called again a 3rd time to ask another question, and I spoke to someone else, and they saw my account and said, well, because you put your name in the account when you created it, but your mother used her credit card and her name at the cashier, its a problem we cant send you any money. They also had the nerve to tell me if my mother wants to play tell her to go to a public library to play because the user account thtat was created was my name.

All that should matter is the name of the credit card holder and thats it.

Then why did they accept the credit card information to begin with if the credit card name did not match the info of the simple user account I created?

Ill tell you why, its a scam. If we would have done everything properly theyd find something else as an excuse.

Notice how the first operator said everything is ok, keep playing.
The second said after she plays 4grand in slots everthing will be ok.
And the 3rd said no, you'll still have problems after that.

In the end, my mother asked to get her 200.00 that she deposited into the game, and they wanted BOTH MINE AND HERS, picture id, 2 utility bills from BOTH of us, a copy of the credit card but just show the last 4 digits of the card, and some other junk..

to send it to MEXICO! They are located in MEXICO. Identity fraud anyone? They can sell my house if I sent them all that.

Theyll come up with any excuse. If you wanna gamble just go to a REAL casino people.

Jul 03, 2009 1:04 pm EDT

inetbet is an rtg casino but u will get paid fast
if u wont to play at a trustworthy casino this is the one i been playing there for yrs and when i cashout i get paid overnight

May 15, 2009 9:14 pm EDT

I agree they scam me out of 225.00 they called me up and ask me to make a deposit for 100% match and never gave it to me.

Apr 30, 2009 1:00 pm EDT

I took advantage of a promotion that Golden Casino offered giving 150% bonus on any deposit. I deposited $150 and got $225 in bonuses. I won $500 and decided to cash out... however they would not let me cash out because a very small stipulation in the terms for accepting the bonus is that you must gamble 10 times the amount of the bonus! They said that I had to gamble an additional $3, 800 before I could withdraw any money!

I spoke to a rep, and got absolutely no where... I was totally ###ed. But ### them... I anonymously put my CC info on and let people from all over the world try to use it for internet purchases. Within an hour I got a call from the Credit card company from fraud prevention saying that charges were coming in on my card from Singapore which allerted them to the theft of my CC number. Of course when they asked me which charges were mine - I never heard of Golden Casino ... I owe nothing for the fraudulent charges.


Apr 28, 2009 9:51 pm EDT

I've been using golden casino for a couple of years for fun, and decided to play for real money... I deposited $400 and won up to around $3, 000... I made a withdrawal for $1600 and paid the $35 dollars for the Fedex. It took a little while for the security check, and then an additional 2 weeks to receive my check. But I did get it, and I cashed it, and it went through with no problem. I have the receipt in my desk drawer now. I admit I was very skeptical at first... I didn't think they would actually pay, but they did.

Apr 19, 2009 2:35 am EDT

Golden Casino charge me very high on the wire transfer withdrawal. I withdraw USD330 but only received USD292. When I ask them, they say they don't know how much the intermediate bank charge, what kind of answer is that? I never have such problem with other online casino. Beware of this casino.. Better safe than sorry.
Bad bad bad casino...

Apr 11, 2009 5:16 am EDT

IF YOU WANT TO REMOVE THE TRACE OF ANY SOFTWARE YOU NEED A REGISTRY CLEANER! And I don't really believe that they scam you I got to try it formyself put like $25 into it and just spin roolette at 2/3ds ods for like 1 hour.

Mar 23, 2009 4:16 am EDT

golden casino is a scam i put money in for a real money account it sez you get 50% of your deposit back. the operator said nothing about changes to that when i went to a real money account. I ran out of money in like a hour and when i went to get my deposit back they said i cant get it because Ive got a real money account. the operator did not state there would be any changes to getting the deposit back before i deposited money. they wont give me half my deposit back this is crap.

Nobody get a golden casino account they will scam you to
Nobody get a golden casino account they will scam you to
Nobody get a golden casino account they will scam you to

Mar 23, 2009 12:16 am EDT

Hey, i had the same problem with that casino.

Tried searching around but found this guide here that helped me remove it once and for all.

Mar 08, 2009 3:14 pm EDT


Mar 03, 2009 11:04 am EST

I made a couple deposits, minimum of twenty-five doallrs, a couple times at this site only because I could no longer play at golden palace. They told me they are the same company but a different name because of the gaming laws for U.S players. I was not impressed at all. I liked microgaming and they are RTG. I saw so many glitches in their software. After researching all comments from various websites, I will never play there again, the only problem is, I am hesitent on closing the account because I have a feeling they will charge my credit card out of spite or something to that effect. For now I play the free tournaments, even with that I see so many glitches. I guess I will just stick to land based casinos. Too bad though because these websites used to be legite, I guess they passed the law for a good purpopse.

Feb 20, 2009 4:31 pm EST

I recently was in a big argument with a lady that has recently jumped over the boarder and have found a job at Golden Casino. I advise anyone not to ever use this site unless you want to play for fun. I was in a half-hour conversation on why I haven't received my 300 dollar check that I submitted for two months ago. They told me that if I was to withdraw any money that I would have to win over 750 dollars before the transaction can occur. I initially placed 150 dollars in there with 50% bonus money. Because of the bonus money I had to make over 750 dollars to withdraw. Yes, this is a major scam that I was disappointed with but accepted if that is how the business is run. BTW check the rules on the website and try to find these rules because I'm unable to. Anyways after a long dispute I was given two choices: Either get 50 dollars of my initial 150 dollars deposit or to get my 150 dollars electronically put back into my Golden Casino account and try my luck with this game again. Will the fight arose that I was only going to make 50 dollars back and was called a thief because "you just want to take money from our business and I won't let you do that". Finding out later that their was a problem with my account and three transactions of 50 dollars were placed in my account which equaled 150 dollars. I was informed of this when I was required to call-in after depositing the money so I can claim my bonus money. The lady told me that it was fine and made a exception so I can get my bonus of 150 dollars and not the first of three transactions which is only 50 dollars. Mind you when I called to get the bonus money she made an "exception" because how the transaction of the money was given. Her being a represenative of Golden Casino I went on her word and everything was fine. Now that I want my money back they want to give me only 50 dollars (first transaction on their computer) of my 150 dollars. I told her about the exception that was made that she acknowledges is correct on her computer screen and by telling me that exception is a true then I should be able to get all my money back. She told me that "I was a valued customer and wanted to please me the best way we can and that is why the exception was placed" according to her. She began her rant on how she follows the rules and can't go beyond it. Again I told her that if an exception was made that means your going outside the normal rules to help the customer and you can't just deny client's half-way though the exception. Finally before I talked to the Supervisor I gave her a yes or no question which was, " The exception that was given to me in the beginning should have never taken place right?". She had no answer to this and started talking about rules and gave me the option of give me 50 dollars or play with the 150 dollars on Golden Casino where I talked over her and asked for the supervisor. Never use this site

Sep 24, 2008 4:24 pm EDT

Another casino to watch out for is Prime Casino. They're not too big on paying out winnings and they currently withhold a win that they owe to me and refused completely to pay out a win I legitimately required by lying and saying that I had reversed it.


Cut your losses

Sep 19, 2008 2:43 pm EDT

I was also ripped off by Golden casino. I tried logging on and it wouldn't let me so I thought they deactivated my log on as I hadn't gone there in a very long time, so I opened a new account with the exact same info as the old account. I only put 50$ in and was told my transaction was denied so I spoke to online operator who told me to check with my credit card carrier and when I did they told me the transaction was processed. When I told them I wanted my money back because they lied and misrepresented themselves they pulled the "I had more than one account and tried to rip them off, "so they would not give me my money back! Now I'm stuck trying to remove the notifier as well. I tried the regedit thing and deleted anything in my registry that had anything to do with them and this blasted notifier won't go away. They should be arrested for ripping people off and putting this crap on our computers!

Aug 29, 2008 1:19 pm EDT

Stay away from Golden Casino! You cannot get your money back out of them.

Jul 25, 2008 2:36 pm EDT

What do you mean "follow the path" ? You lost me at that point. Anyone else

Jul 20, 2008 10:27 pm EDT

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Apr 13, 2008 7:31 am EDT

I will save you...

In this post I will tell you how to uninstall the Golden Casino Mail Notifier. It’s one of the stupidest things golden casino has come up with and you have to follow these simple steps to remove it permanently.

Go to your start menu and click “run”.
enter “regedit” in the open box and click OK.
click edit and select find from the drop-down menu, a panel should open up enter in the text field “gcnotifier” and press find next.
You will see on your right the location address to “gcnotifier.exe”. You can either write this down or open up your hard drive from the start menu and follow the path that is in your regedit screen as stated below. Note: ” you must have ‘hidden folders shown’ in your folder options and be the administative user for Windows XP.”
Go to your start menu and click “My Computer”.
Now follow the path to “gcnotifier.exe”.
Right click on “gcnotifier” icon and click delete.
Now go back to regedit and right click on “gcnotifier.exe” and click delete.
You have now successfully uninstalled this stupid application.
After searching high and low for something like this and seeing all the answers that did not work I decided to write my own. I hope this helps someone. Golden Casino might be cool to some people, but when they make an application that doesn’t easily uninstall itself. That is not cool.

Editors note 12/19/2007: This only gets rid of Golden Casino Mail after you uninstall Golden Casino. I have called Golden Casinos’ (800) number and asked them how to remove Golden Casino Mail and still use Golden Casino and was told ” Golden Casino Mail is part of the application and cannot be removed “.

Apr 04, 2008 4:34 pm EDT

I want you to get your notifier off my computer also. How do I do it? I have tried everything. Maybe he's right maybe I will have to get my l awyer also.

Jan 30, 2008 5:54 am EST

They have bilked me out of a $3700 win because they claimed I had a previous account with them which I later dertemined to be the case, after looking at my statements. On top of that I lost $1500 they got PAID in full, now when I went back and re-opened an account, with the exact same info, address , etc.. I happen to win $3700 from the $99 deposit. They will NOT honor it making every excuse in the book. This is what they do as I was told by a gaming newletter editor, I sent my complaint to, that the Majority of the on-line casinos, especially NOW after the anti gaming law and LOSS of the "SMART" U.S. player's business, are losing business and going under.. They are also located offshore at least their servers are, so that they can STAEL from players as they have been doing. The best thing OUR government did in hindsight was passes that law! It will hopefully DETER anymore U.S. players from becoming victim to the many FRAUDULANT SITES , like GOLDEN CASINO , and and almost ALL the RTG gaming sites, Vegas Technology sites and Rival Powered Gaming, They are STEALING and although I have gotten some of my money back by continual complaining and assistance with my Prepaid Credit card Issuer and my own bank as well, it's ONLY a portion of the $near $100K I lost in 8 years on-line way before the gaming law was passed. I took MOST of my losses like a good sport in the beginning but after the law was passed and myself along with many the U.S. players LOST the "somewhat" ONLY reptable software provider "Microgaming" and their affilate sites to paly at, It's been ALL down hill for on-line gaming and I really see NO trustwirthy on-line casino operator or "legit" software companies. You better off just quiting like I did and revert back to Landbased gaming like I did, even though it "used" to be nice when you could play from in comfort of your own home if you felt like it. TODAY.. YOU CAN'T you WILL BE TAKEN FOR YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY OR NOT PAID! IF YOU MIRACUOUSLY LUCKY ENOUGH TO WIN.

Jan 24, 2008 8:52 pm EST

Golden Casino are a total scam, ive put alot in but never been able to take any out. As for the stupid email notifier program they install without your consent there is no way to remove it!

Jan 19, 2008 1:56 am EST

if you don't get your crap off my computer i'm going to have my attorney file a law suit against your casino I mean your e-mail notice I notgiving youmore than 24 hours