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This is a scam. Children are scouted and then audition, then called back for 2nd audition at which time parents are sold a membership to join gobeontv, and promised things to help build childs resume for work on tv and shows. Promised an audition to try out for a new show, which does not exist.

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      Sep 01, 2009

    We just went thru this with our son... Wasted a ton of time. Were smart enough not to give them our money.

    But the whole thing was heartbreaking to watch our son get so excited about some b.s. con artists.

    Sad that people play on children's dreams like this! Sick & greedy individuals

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      Sep 10, 2009

    Gobeontv is the latest scam from Erik DeSando and company. The aliases are as foolo

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      Sep 10, 2009

    Gobeontv is the latest scam from Erik DeSando (aka EJ to our Texas friends). Erik runs CA businesses by the following names:

    Be, LLC
    My Artists Place
    My Talent Services

    Check out the [redacted]s using these aliases. Better yet, read and join the Topix discussion board, and share your experiences:

    There is a lot of "chaff" to go through to get to the wheat, but you'll find some valuable information there.

    There is also this parent's blog detailing his (and other parents') struggles to get a refund after Be suddenly quit its service providers, closed up its offices without prior notification, and left the Northern CA area to mailboxes and Skype accounts in Los Angeles that rarely provide answers. It's now going by "My Talent Service", but there is no physical address recorded nor that they will reveal to continuing members:

    (parent blog)

    There is currently a class action suit against Be/Gonnabe/My Artists Place, and Erik/EJ has lost at least one civil court case brought against him by a scammed family(the document is available at this site):

    TX/Southwest parents--it may not be too late for you to get refunds; I recommend you read the letter posted to the Topix Forum regarding your possible courses of action. And if you still doubt that this is the same operator, the gobeontv site is administered by the same person --Nicolas B. Fordham--who administers the site. You'll see the same graphics and m.o. Other associates of EJ include Sean and Paige Casamiento, Domingo Ivan Casanas, Anthony Corder. There was also an acting/modeling/dancing/singing school associated with Be (as its sole service provider), Rising Stars, owned by Christina Ferra and Gene Gilmore; it abruptly closed, cancelled its license, and pulled its website without warning at the same time Be/Gonnabe pulled up stakes.

    Best of luck.

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      Sep 15, 2009

    If you see EJ or Erik DeSando...RUN!!! But MTS (My Talent Service) is not one of his companies...just thought I would correct that. If you see GoBeOnTV or BeOnTV Run!!!

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      Oct 01, 2009

    ...but oddly enough MTS (which does not have a physical CA address or license) is staffed by a subset of Be/Gonnabe/My Artist Place and URGE Entertainment (another of EJ/EDS' companies). And moreover, MTS has boasted in several public forums that it has ready access to BE/etc. family files. It's just another shell in the game owned by EJ et. al

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