GMAC FinancingPayment drafted out of my account on the wrong day


I have called customer service several times and they have done nothing to help for a mistake a customer service representative made. A payment was withdrawn from account on the wrong day. I have been a valued customer with GMAC for over a year now. I financed a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and my payments are 355.85 a month. I have made every payment on time since the duration of my loan. In June I had some personal issues and I needed to extended my payment date. My regular payment date was the 14th of each month. I needed to extend my due date until my next pay period. I called several days before my payment was due and went through the steps with a representative for a payment promise on June 26. I was approved and I thought everything would be okay. Well unfortunately the payment was withdrawn from my account on the June 15th. This created a lot of problems with my bank account. Customer service tells me that there is nothing they can do and tend to be nasty with me when I call. This is not fair to me I had nothing to do with this. I have sent over bank statements and everything but I believe that something should be done. My family is suffering from this. I have been told by several people to contact my local eye witness news troubleshooter who will surely get to the bottom of this..but I don’t want it to go that far. Please help me out with this it is not fair to treat a good customer this way. I want my account to be placed back to the same condition it was in before GMAC drafted this payment on the wrong day.

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