Glyde.comStill haven't received a purchased DVD from Glyde

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It has been 3 weeks since I purchased a DVD from Glyde. Still haven't received it & they don't reply to my emails. On the website it says: Congratulations! The transaction is now closed. Enjoy your DVD and thanks for using Glyde. There is no phone # either. I would not recommend doing business with this site.

  • Updated by Nayazzzz · Aug 01, 2017

    I order a iPhone 5s on July21 and it said my phone should be here on July31yesterday was July31 still haven't got my phone I email them cause they don't got a phone number so I told them that I did not get my phone and they was like it going to be a delay and so they was like it come this week and if it don't come this I want my $10.09 money back it a whole new month still haven't received my phone bet I won't buy [censor] here no more


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    KevinGlydeCS Feb 02, 2011

    Hi. This is Kevin from I'm a customer service representative and I'm happy to help. Can you provide the order number for this transaction? Or better yet, please send us another email to service (at) glyde (dot) com. Attn: to Kevin and I'll address it personally.

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  • Wt
    WTFGlyde Dec 18, 2012

    Only 3 weeks? I'm on day 25 for a purchase I was charged for the second I made it. They say they gave the seller an additional push via email after I asked what was taking so long. Said seller said it would be here midweek. That was 12 days ago. I asked them to use a different seller, now no response. I need this game for X-mas. I ordered on the 23rd of November. Getting beyond frustrated. Time to start posting. I will say that 3 purchases out of 5 went without hassle. 60% is still a failing grade. If the seller screws up they still need to get the product to the buyer.

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  • Bo
    Bob Telio Dec 12, 2013

    I listed my Apple iPhone 5, AT&T - 32GB in excellent condition and agreed to sell it for $332 for a net to me approximately $298. Next I received an email stating their buyer rejected my phone because it was not in excellent condition. This was preposterous! That phone had the Zagg front & rear shields applied immediately when it was taken out of the box new. The glass front was pristine with only minor wear on the edges from slipping in and out of my pocket. Katie at Glyde suggested I accept a lower amount to which I suggested they are a bait & switch sham operation. Now totally skeptical I was relieved when my phone was returned in the same condition I sent it. The next day I took it to at&t who appraised it in excellent condition and paid me $310 on the spot. I don't know what their story is over at Glyde but I would advise anyone to avoid doing business with them not only because they do not honor their commitments but because their customer service is virtually non existent except for next day email response.

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  • Wj
    Wjessica509 Aug 28, 2018

    Please do not waste your time or money, just purchase a new phone. This is my second time getting screwed by this company, plus they took my money w/o my permission this second time!!! Btw the phone only stays on for an hour with a fully charged battery.

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  • Ju
    June Avansino Sep 01, 2018

    I cannot get into my account & the phone number you have does not [email protected]

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  • Br
    BrieJon Sep 10, 2018

    I've order a soul calibur 2 on GameCube in August and it said ive to wait 7 to 10 business days to get what I ordered and it still hasn't came to my house and I want to know what's going on with the delivery

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  • Na
    Nayazzzz Oct 21, 2018

    So I ordered a iPhone 5s on July21 and it said my phone should be here on July31 and today is a whole new month and I still didn't receive my phone yet this some bull shit I will never buy shit for y'all again and I want my money back

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