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Glow-Worm Boilers review: Terrible customer service!

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To whom it may concern,

Thank you for this opportunity to 'air a problem', I hope I don't bore you to tears with it. Perhaps I could start at the beginning. It was in August 2007 that I had a Glow.worm Flexicom 24cx boiler installed. I found that far from it being superior to my previous boiler, it had so many little flaws, that I wondered why I had changed it in the first place. But this isn't what really bugs me. No, my complaint, is the treatment I have received from 'Valiant Group uk' and it has me 'boiling' over.

Following the various problems with the heating, I suddenly noticed that I had sprung a leak (or rather the boiler had). The plumber who installed it had a look and discovered that it was the actual boiler itself which was at fault not one of 'his' pipes. I was instructed to contact the 'Glow worm' engineer if I didn't want my guarantee to be made null and void. My subsequent phone call resulted in a 4 day wait due, I was informed, to their 2 day wait policy! This was during a particularly cold spell in January, in a particularly cold house, but hey, policy is policy after all.

On the following Monday morning I received a phone call from the engineer to say he would be with me between 2 and 4pm that afternoon. However, 2pm brought not the engineer, but a phone call from a 'young lady' to tell me the engineer has gone home sick, and someone will be out on Thursday, (7 days after my first phone call to Glow worm and 10 days since I lost my heating and hot water). Thursday morning, engineer duly arrives, looks at the boiler and declares it will need a new plate, as it's the worst one (leak) he's ever seen! I insisted that as it was only 5 months old I would prefer another boiler. "That's no problem madam but I won't be able to fit it as we have so many engineers off sick."

I ring the plumber who fitted the original boiler and give the phone to the engineer where arrangements are made between the two of them about costs etc. Fine!

Friday pm new boiler arrives, I phone plumber, he comes to fit it the following Monday. He puts faulty one in the same box replacement came in and instructs me to ring Glow worm to tell them it's ready to pick up. I ask plumber to place it in the garden incase I'm out when the couriers call.

I duly ring Glow.worm and tell them it's waiting to be collected (making every effort to ensure that they know it's in the garden for collection and asking could they come asap due to inevitable rain fall?) Next day I come home from shopping to find (couriers) LYNX has been and gone without the boiler! One phone call to Lynx , one e-mail and two more phone calls to Glow.worm, and today horray Lynx arrived. BUT - they came, they went, and again didn't take the boiler with them. To cut this story short and prevent the possible onset of a tedium induced coma on your part, I will skip the details; but now things are getting 'silly'. - "Can't take it madam, it's not packed up properly" "but it's in the original box", "Nope, it's not sealed, it might leak." I am now on my forth phone call to Glow.worm and ( "how can I help you?) 'Greg'. I explain to 'Greg' the whole saga and he tells me Lynx tried 4 times to collect. I tell him that's absolutely impossible - Greg says, "that's neither here not there and I must pack the boiler," I say it's not up to me it's 'their' responsibility to remove it from my property, their boiler was faulty, they replaced it. Greg says 'it's the plumbers job and I should ring him and get him to pack it up? (I don't think so, it's hard enough to get a plumber to come out and fix a water leak, are they really going to oblige on a packing job)? Greg then said - "Well, it can stay in your garden then can't it!" I reply, "Well I'll get it taken to the dump and send the bill to Glow.worm", to which he retorted, "you can try but you won't get it". "Then I will get legal advice." "You won't win!"

CUSTOMER SERVICE? ? ? I have not been spoken to in this manner since my youngest son was a stroppy teenager, I didn't expect that my walk down memory lane would be instigated by someone who answers the phone with "How can I help you?" Whatever happened to the customer always being right? One lesson I guess I have learned this year, is to always remember the trade name Glow.worm when it comes to boilers, and avoid it at all costs in the future. I hear Baxi do a good line in boilers! By the way my law student daughter - in- law has since told me the plumber should have packed it properly, but a few manners make the difference between a good and bad name. Thank you again, I feel much better now.

C Cox


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 08, 2018 8:21 am EDT

My daughter has had similar trouble with glow worm. She arranged for a visit to repair the fan on her boiler reading that the call would cost £249. They sent a fitter who had to order the part but charged £299, this was not mentioned on the web page. He also condemned the boiler saying the flue was leaking and would cost a further fitting fee. The flue was bought privately for £75 and the total cost is over £500.
Their web page was very misleading and it would have been cheaper to have British Gas who are regarded as expensive.
Hopefully there is nothing else to go wrong for a while and the boiler lasts until a replacement can be bought.
Definitely NOT a Glow worm!,

Mar 12, 2018 6:28 am EDT

I have also had a terrible time with Glow worm .Not answering my calls or my complaints .I have a 15 year warranty and the boiler is finished after 2 years and despite best efforts they have done nothing

Dec 11, 2017 3:51 am EST

Everything I read above chimes with my own experience of Glow Worm. I called last week to explain it has an ignition fault (F 28 on the read-out). It was installed 17 months ago and so is still well within the 2 year guarantee. Gave them the serial number. They denied it was in guarantee and tried to get me to agree to a £299 call out charge or to call back with the exact date of intallation. So no heating over the weekend. Today Monday (I now have the installation date) I have been transferred twice and on the last number have waited for 35 minutes listening to their recorded music and warm-hearted messages until the line went dead. Just like that. So it is coming up for 10am and I am wondering what I am supposed to do next. Maybe drive up from London to their head office and ask for the MD? Esmond Reid

Feb 16, 2017 4:59 am EST

Further to my comment above. They are not 'slow to fix' they simply 'have NOT fixed' my problem for which I have been charged £249

Feb 16, 2017 4:57 am EST

Glow Worm intermittent faults F1 & F4. Pay Glow Worm fixed price to fix it.
3 day wait for engineer, fitted new fan assembly and this fix lasted approximately 4 hours
Phone Glow Worm
2 Day wait
2nd engineer looks at boiler and says I need the system power flushed.
Fault codes F1 and F4 pertain to ignition not the quality of the water in the sealed central heating system (combi boiler with expansion vessel)
They are happy to take your money but slow in fixing the issue for which you have paid.
Avoid at all costs.

Feb 09, 2015 4:27 am EST

glow worm has the worst customer service I have received from your company.

I booked an appointment for last Thursday to fix my boiler, I took the day off from work and waited until 6pm without any contact before I called asking where the boiler repair man was, I was assured he was on his way and was running a little late, I called two more times after that and had to wait until 9pm at night before seeing anybody. Then he told me they do not have parts to fix the boiler and will book in for another day to repair.

Then they rebooked an appointment for today, so i took a second day off from work in the hopes to getting my boiler fixed, until I received a message today apologies that you do not have the parts yet, and will need to reschedule for another day.

This is the most ridiculous customer service I have ever received, I have taken two days off from work and now told I need to take a third because one the boiler repair man turns up too late to do a repair on thursday and secondly does not order the parts in time to be fixed 5 days later. I am actually shocked how bad this has got, I have cancelled this service today because I can not possible take a third day off from work and have same issues.


Jan 11, 2012 10:59 am EST
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To whom it may concern at glow worm,
I had a combi glow worm boiler installed just under 3yrs ago, it has been three yrs of hell, from the very beginning it kept coding F9 and refusing to work each time a gas man had to come out to see to it, then i woke up to find that i had a flooded porch due to a faulty part that had split, glow worm replaced this part and the engineer told me it was a common fault with that part, WHY SELL BOILERS THAT HAVE A KNOWN FAULTY PART, i was told that changing the part would probobley fix the problem but no it didnt it continued to code F9 and not work the gas man just about lives at my home and both he and i are on the point of a nervous breakdown with this boiler, it works for about three days a week the rest of the time we are FREEZING WITH NO HOT WATER, Today i got up to find that no water was coming out of my hot water tap at all plus the house was freezing NOT GOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY, when i opened the door to try to get the boiler to start I FOUND THAT I WAS ANKLE DEEP IN WATER AND IT WAS POURING OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF THE BOILER, I HAVE HAD TO TURN MY WATER OF AT THE MAINS SO NOW I NOT ONLY AM FREEZING COLD I DO NOT HAVE THE USE OF AN IMPORTANT FACILITY " WATER" I had a BAXI BACK BOILER for 27yrs and it only went wrong twice and that was worn out parts, I BITTERLEY REGRET GETTING A GLOW WORM BOILER IF I COULD AFFORD IT ID HAVE IT RIPPED OUT AND A BAXI PUT IN, I dont suppose anyone from glow worm actually reads this page but hopefully it will be seen by someone who is looking to buy a boiler and it makes them avoid glow worm and the hell im going through

Nov 28, 2011 5:05 pm EST
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Agree. We had a new Glow Worm boiler fitted 2years and 5 months ago then we had to have both circuit boards replaced, we wrote to them complaining on the 12th November 2011 and never even had a reply, shocking

Mar 05, 2010 5:04 am EST

Glow Worm in my experience are not good! I am gutted I have had to take a £300 insurance policy with them when my boiler went down (it was leaking and the flue had melted!) They said this was down to my gas engineer not replacing a door seal on its service but I have checked the manual it says you do not have to do this.
They refused to do any work on the boiler unless I removed the bottom of the cupboard myself, in my experience my own gas engineer has always managed to get access and removes this for me.
Forget Glow Worm I would get BAXI, they always win awards for their boilers.

Jan 25, 2010 4:07 am EST

Currently our glow-worm boiler, installed less than a month ago is not working at all. It's been 9 days now and we've just been told that the engineer is sick...

First they said Monday, then they said friday then they said tuesday, and then they said monday and now they said tuesday. I think they're saying a lot of rubbish really.

Shocking. My 3 year old is freezing.
So am I!